Rad Skateboard Decks Fall 2020 Drop Now Available at Yakwax!

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Rad Skateboard Decks Fall 2020 Drop Now Available at Yakwax!


If there's anything you need to worry about this fall shredding, it's your skate deck. It is one of the most battered parts of your gear, so you need to plan ahead and keep a spare when you're the type of rider who shreds and aspires to become a pro.

There are many options out there when it comes to branded skateboard decks, but many riders will tell you that it's always ideal to pick the brands that are known in the skating world. Though, it's not difficult to choose from one brand to another, you will find it hard to select based on design alone. Of course, you will need to consider the size of your deck; unless you are changing your usual style or if you need some extra challenge this time.

Luckily, we have a great selection of Skateboard Decks for Fall 2020! You don't need to look elsewhere while you're here, so it's best to browse around and look for the deck that matches your style and size preference.

Browse our faves from this skateboard deck delivery


When you need a 'poppy' skateboard, this rad Creature Baekkel Swamp Lurker Skate Deck (Green, 8.6in) is your best option this season. Made with 7-ply maple wood and printed with a cool, funky design, this deck will surely make you stand out!


Often recommended for beginner riders is the Jart Classic Logo Skate Deck (Multi, 7.75in). If you need a 'poppy' skateboard with ample kick, this deck is worth the try.


The cool Plan B Sheckler Cranial Skate Deck (Multi, 8.0in) is made for stable flips and manageable pop. This deck is lighter and more sturdier, with medium concave.


If you need an eye-catching durable skate deck, the rad Rip N Dip Majestic Skate Deck (Multi, 8.25in) is the best option. This deck is ideal for park, street and pool shredding since it offers a stable kick and pop.


The eye-catching Sk8 Mafia Tyler Surrey Ward Skate Deck (Lime, 8.3in) is what you need this fall for ample pop and durability throughout your shredding sessions.

Fall shredding can be a lot less worrisome when you have a board that's in shape for all the long-hours of riding. A spare deck will always come in handy, or at least updating the one you've been riding on and wearing out for months.

The Skateboard Decks for Fall 2020 collection will keep you riding throughout the season! Order yours here at Yakwax to enjoy our FREE UK delivery.