Skateboard Decks & Completes Fall 2022 Drop Now at Yakwax

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Rad Skateboard Decks & Completes Fall 2022 Drop Has Arrived at Yakwax!


There are plenty of reasons to consistently skate - whether you're a budding rider, experienced amateur or highly skilled professional. The change of seasons doesn't deter many riders from shredding their hearts out, with the exception of extreme weather conditions. 

However, like many other sports and recreation gear, your skateboard will need regular check-ups to see if it's still fit for shredding. Moving parts and/or skateboard decks will definitely need replacement if there are visible damages. Even without visible issues, your board may need an upgrade depending on its performance.

Gauging your skating experience with your favourite board will help you decide on whether to get a new deck, replace the hardware, or simply get a new complete skateboard to solve all the visible and hidden issues. Having a proper skateboard that works well with minimal to zero problems is better to skate on, especially during the cold months.

This is why we are stoked to announce the arrival of the Skateboard Decks & Completes Fall 2022 Drop here at the Yakwax store! Choose from multiple skate brands that dedicate themselves to producing excellent completes and decks for year-round shredding.

To see how these skateboards fair in the open field, here are a couple of videos that showcase them along with the professional riders who shred them. 

Chico-Stix Skateboards: Featuring the Chico-Stix X Poets Gino Iannucci Retro Shape Skate Deck 


Birdhouse Skateboards: Skating Demo with the Pros at the Stars & Stripes Skatepark, Oklahoma City

Investing in good quality decks and completes will always outweigh the run-of-the-mill, cheap alternatives in the market. So, don't think twice when it's finally time to upgrade your skateboard for the next shredding session. Check out the Skateboard Decks & Completes Fall 2022 Drop here at Yakwax to find the best options for your riding style. All with FREE UK delivery for orders £50 and up.