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The Coolest Skate Shoes for Spring 2019 Are Now Available at Yakwax!

Well-fitting shoes are a must when it comes to skateboarding. However, not all footwear are created equal especially when you're looking for skate shoes.

Today's leading skate brands are very much aware of the technical specifications required by skateboarders. They need shoes that protect their feet from impacts, while also providing impeccable style and appeal.

Skate shoes for men and kids are always sought-after by avid skaters, street style fans and sports wear aficionados.The greatest brands in footwear including DC, eS, Emerica and Lakai are just some of the most recognisable names in the industry who are dedicated in providing expertly designed skate shoes that ooze with style.

We are super stoked to announce the arrival of the spring 2019 skate shoes collection from the aforementioned brands. From classically influenced designs to contemporary style options, this latest drop offers an impressive array of options for both young and seasoned shredders.

Browse below for our top five picks in this skate shoes delivery

These classically designed DC Boys E. Tribeka SE Shoes (White Grey Red) are the perfect footwear for school kids who love shredding. Wear them at school or any casual situations in the daytime, then off you go shredding in style afterwards.

For groms who love black skate shoes, the Lakai Griffin Kids Skate Shoes (Black Orange Suede) are the best options. Although not solidly black, these shoes have enough appeal and edge on top of superb skate shoe features.

Grown-up skaters will surely love these retro style eS Scheme Skate Shoes (Grey Black Yellow). Turn heads with these skate shoes wherever you shred and perform your favourite tricks.

The Lakai Cambridge Skate Shoes (Red Gum Suede) are the perfect technical skate shoes for long periods of shredding. Quite fashionable and appealing, these vibrant shoes are also versatile and can be worn with any of your favourite laid-back and sporty getup.

These cool and stylish DC E. Tribeka SE Shoes (Aqua) are the perfect mix of classic and contemporary appeal. They are absolutely designed to provide comfort, cushion and durability.

When you need proper skate footwear right away, our latest drop this spring is one collection that offers a good amount of style and durability for skaters. Order yours right here at Yakwax and enjoy our killer FREE UK delivery!

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