Superb Skate Shoes and Insoles Fall 2022 Drop Now at Yakwax!

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Superb Skate Shoes and Insoles Fall 2022 Drop Now at Yakwax!


Today's skaters understand the need for feet protection especially at the onset of their shredding adventures. It doesn't matter if you're an amateur rider who's learning the ropes of skating, or a professional one who's seen the evolution of skateboarding and footwear through the years. The same is true for youngsters who are just learning how to skate, and they are indeed the most vulnerable and should be guided on how to ride with safety and caution in mind.

First and foremost, it is a great pair of skate shoes that makes a huge difference in skating - whether you're new to the game or already have years of experience. Feet protection should top your list of considerations when skating since they are the first to take the impacts of landing after a trick, and they carry the load while you cruise and manoeuvre your skateboard. 

Secondly, the more you ride the more pairs of skate shoes you will need in a year. It will depend on how often you ride each week and the type of terrain you prefer. The flatter and smoother surfaces you ride on, the longer the life of your shoes. For pros, sometimes they need more than a a pair of shoes each week, especially if they love doing tricks and going to skating locations that only professional riders can tread through. 

The best thing about skate footwear is the continuous improvement in style and materials. Renowned brands such as New Balance NumericLakai and eS are constantly providing some of the most iconic skate shoes in the market. They both have great riding teams that try and test their footwear, do collaborative works, and produce pro models for their fans and themselves to enjoy. Check the videos below to see a sample of their pro model skate sho

New Balance Numeric Tiago Lemos NM1010

Lakai Evo 2.0 (featured with Cambridge Mid)

If you want additional feet protection, it is ideal to use insoles that add another layer of impact absorption. Your greatest asset is your feet, so why not provide them with ample comfort and support while you're riding for hours. One of the most sought-after insoles come from Footprint Kingfoam. The brand is known for designing innovative insoles that help prevent impact-related discomfort and injuries. Check the video below to learn about their FP Elite Mid Insoles.

Your feet will definitely benefit from the combination of wearing proper skate shoes and insoles from these top-notch brands! So make sure to check the Skate Shoes and Insoles Fall 2022 Drop from New Balance Numeric, Lakai, eS and Footprint Kingfoam here at the Yakwax store! All with FREE UK delivery with orders £50 and over.