Rad Skate Components & Protection Winter 2020-2021 Drop Now at Yakwax!

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Rad Skate Components & Protection Winter 2020-2021 Drop Now Available at Yakwax!


When skating during the winter months is non-negotiable, it is definitely advisable to have the most important parts and accessories on-hand. Among the necessary skate components that usually get the brunt of the impacts are skate trucks and wheels. These elements will always require replacement when they're totally worn out, and proper inspection every time you go out for a skate.

For newbies, it is always advisable to wear protective skate gear to ensure your safety. There will always be some impending mishap especially when you skate during the cold months. Wearing proper protective gear could reduce the impacts of bumps, falls and other minor accidents along the way.

This is why we are stoked to announce that the Skate Components & Protection Winter 2020-2021 Drop has landed at Yakwax! Make sure to check out the latest skate items and protective wear to keep you shredding.

Browse below for our top five picks


For skaters of all skill levels, the Pro-Tec Prime Helmet 52-56cm (Black, XS/S) is ideal to protect your head from possible major impacts in case of a fall. Especially for newbies and youngsters who are just learning the ropes of skating, this helmet provides protection and durability.


Stock up on this fruit-scented Ganj Wax Ganj Skate Wax Pomegranate Scent (Purple, Large) - it lets you grind and glide on rails and curbs with a sweet scent in the end.


When you need head protection while skating, the Sushi Multisport Helmet 52-57cm (White, Large) is the best option. Made with high-density ABS shell and high-impact absorbing EPS foam lining, this helmet is perfect for all sorts of skating tricks and terrain.


When you need a new pair of skate trucks, the new Independent Stage 11 Hollow Lizzie Armanto Cross Skateboard Trucks 139mm (Light Blue, Pair) should be on top of your list. These pro model trucks are designed with durability in mind.


The Bullet Adult Triple Combo Pad Set (Black, Large) is perfect for newbie skaters. Made with high-grade fabric, EVA foam padding and high-impact caps, this pad set will keep you shredding without worrying about scraping your knees or elbows in case of impacts.

There's no reason not to stock up on protective gear and extra skate components. If you are as active during the warm months, the winter months require more mindful riding and proper getup and gear. So make sure to check the Skate Components & Protection Winter 2020-2021 Drop here at Yakwax. Order today to enjoy our FREE UK delivery.