Rad Skate Gear and Hardware for Summer 2019 Now Available at Yakwax!

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Rad Skate Gear and Hardware for Summer 2019 Now Available at Yakwax!


Skating for hours to hone your skill and style is quite common for serious skateboarders. However, the natural wear and tear of your skateboard deck and other components should always be considered whenever you head out for another shredding session.

Stocking up on necessary skateboard hardware and accessories can help you from all hassles especially when you need to replace one or some of them while you're outdoors. All parts of a skateboard can get beaten and damaged through long hours of skating, so checking your gear is always a must to ensure your safety. So before you shred, make sure to check your skating gear to see what needs replacement or at least a bit of tweaking.

This is why we are stoked to announce the arrival of the latest skate gear and hardware for summer 2019 from some of the brands we carry including Independent, Bones, Real and Thunder. These brands are known for their quality skate products that have been used by both amateurs and professional skaters. Make sure to check below for a glimpse of this latest drop.

Here's our faves from this skate hardware drop

When you need a new set of skate nuts and bolts, the Independent x Thrasher Indy Bolts 1" (Phillips Black 1") will surely bring some extra edge to your skating. With durable, unthreaded shafts these hardware ensure minimal board damage.

This cool limited edition Real HUF Standout Deck 8.06 (Blue) is what every rider should have. Quite versatile for all types of skating whether for pool, street, park or vert.

The Thunder Thunder Miles Silvas Players Club 147 Hollow Lights Trucks (1 pair | Black, Black) are constructed with low set hollow kinpin and hollow axle which make them ideal for grinding the streets and parks.

The Bones TJ Rogers Wolf 52mm STF V3 Skateboard Wheels (White) are made with STF technology that enables higher rebound and provides superb sliding and speed. Plus, they look awesome with Trent McClung's signature graphic design.

If you need lighter, sturdy trucks that enable quick turns, the Thunder Rouge Sonora 147 Lights Skateboard Trucks (1 pair | Rouge) are the perfect option. Upgrade your shredding and tricks with these bright and stylish trucks.

Nothing beats high-quality skateboard gear and accessories for they enable you to ride with confidence and style. So before your next shredding session, make sure you've stocked up with any of our skate gear and hardware for summer 2019. All with FREE UK delivery when you shop at Yakwax!