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Updating your skate getup and gear is easier said than done. With numerous brands out there, you'll find yourself feeling conflicted with options. However, with renowned skate brands, especially for riders who have been loyally following their favourites, it is a lot easier to find the styles, colour schemes and themes that appeal to their preferences.

Among today's top brands include Magenta, Brixton, Girl and DC which are known for their apparel and accessories, as well as Lakai and New Balance Numeric which offer great styles and selection of skate footwear for all ages. These brands fully understand the needs of skaters in terms of style, function and the quality they require to enjoy the sport they love.

We are super stoked to announce the arrival of the Skate Apparel, Accessories, Shoes & Decks Holiday 2021 Drop from the various skate brands mentioned earlier. You'll find a rad selection of men's tops, skate shoes, men's trousers, skate decks and beanies that will complement your style and riding needs this season and onward. Make sure to check them out on our page or get a glimpse of some of them below...

Browse below for our top picks from the Skate Apparel, Accessories, Shoes & Decks Holiday 2021 delivery


If you need a pro skate deck with a statement print, the Magenta Ben Gore Sleep Skateboard Deck (Multi) is the perfect option. This deck is made with standard 7-ply maple wood and designed for shredding in pools and parks.


The DC Mechanic Carpenter Cargo Pants/Trousers (Ivy Green) is made for the avid skater and for those with active lifestyle. These trousers are designed with multiple pockets and elastic waistband, and with oversized fit for comfort.


The ideal tee for the outdoorsy, sporty and skating enthusiast is the Magenta Bears Plant T-Shirt (Black). This t-shirt is made with 100% cotton and printed with the Magenta logo on the left chest and a huge version at the back.


When the weather is a bit chilly, the Magenta Waffle Zip Polo Pullover Sweater (Green) will help keep you warm and comfortable. This baggy fit sweater is midweight and ideal for layering on those cold shredding days.


The Lakai Evo 2.0 Skate Shoes (Navy/Cream Suede) is made for skating in style. These shoes are made with breathable mesh and they provide ample support to keep your feet comfortable while shredding.


If you need a stylish outerwear for the super chilly days of shredding, the Brixton Cass Jacket (Rinsed Denim) is a must-have. This jacket offers superb warmth and comfort, thanks to its polyester lining and synthetic filling.


Of course, there's always the trusty tee for the warmer days and for an inner layer with style and appeal. The Girl Vibrations T-Shirt (Black) is the perfect example that exudes coolness, style and function, all at the same time.

No need to look elsewhere, when you have plenty of skate getup, footwear and decks to choose from the Skate Apparel, Accessories, Shoes & Decks (Various Brands) Holiday 2021 Drop. All with FREE UK delivery when you order here at Yakwax!

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