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Raddest Batch of Skate Hardware and Accessories Have Landed at Yakwax


Time to update your existing skate setup?

These awesome skateboard hardware and accessories have just landed the Yakwax store! We’ve got you covered from decks, wheels, trucks and many others!

Below are some of our favourites in this batch:



The Girl Malto Skull Of Fame 8.12” Skateboard Deck is ideal for skaters of all skill levels. It is easy to assemble, so you can go out and shred the parks in no time!



The Zero OG Flag Erik Ellington R7 8.25″ Deck is a pro model you should never miss out on! It is a stiffer, lighter and durable deck you should invest in for the long haul.



When you want a light deck that’s stable and durable, the ALMOST Neon Power Supply Daewon Song Impact Light Deck 8.25″ is the ideal option!



This Enjoi Dog Collage R7 Deck 7.75″ is one of the cutest we’ve seen. If you love dogs and cartoon designs on your decks, this is the perfect one for you!



For skaters who love simple, cool decks, the 5 BORO Letterpress Skateboard Deck is the perfect choice. It has bold graphics and uncomplicated colour scheme that look edgy on a deck.



If you want ‘taller’ skate trucks to avoid wheel bite, the KRUX K4 Trucks 8.0 Teal (Pair) will suit your needs. These trucks have better size/height for hassle-free turns.



If you prefer to ride wider boards, the Thunder Hollow Lights High 147 Suciu Collegiate LTD Trucks (Pair) are suitable due to their wide axle hangers. Invest in these skate trucks if you want quality, pro model installed on your deck.



The Bullet 140mm Trucks Rasta (Pair) are colourful skate hardware you can rely on when it comes to quality and better rebound.



Shred the skate parks faster and lighter with the Tensor Mag Light Regular 5.5 Skateboard Trucks in Gold White (PAIR). These trucks are made with high-quality materials and they definitely look cool on any skateboard.



The Ricta Wheels David Loy Pro NRG Mix Up 52mm 81b in White-Purple (combination) are designed for hassle-free shredding at any street or park. It is among the fastest non-core wheels in the market.



The Spitfire x Adidas Silas Baxter Neil Formula Four Blue 52mm 101duro wheels are among the hardest skate wheels in the market, and they are designed for high-speed shredding.


Shop for your skateboard hardware and accessories right here at Yakwax, and take advantage of our FREE UK Delivery on ALL Orders!


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