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Rad Men's Skate Shoes Holiday 2017 Collection Now Available at Yakwax!

The best men’s skate shoes don’t always have to be too expensive and technical-looking in general. While there are certain features that make excellent skate shoes a little pricier, their makers are well aware of the fact that there should be a balance between style, function and quality.

These are the reasons why men’s skate shoes are highly sought after, not just by skateboarders, but by style aficionados as well. Paying the right price for such qualities is just a small effort, compared to the ease, comfort and satisfaction you’ll receive from these shoes.

Here at Yakwax, we carry an awesome list of skate shoe brands that meet and exceed the demands of skaters. This is why we are super stoked to announce the arrival of men’s skate shoes holiday 2017 collection from some of the most sought-after brands across the globe.

Browse below for our favourites from this latest drop.

We hope you like our top five picks as much as we do:

This cool and stylish pair of Supra Oakwood Boots in Black Grey should have a place in your winter/holiday skating getup. Made for skating in the cold months with comfortable build for proper shredding.

If you want signature pro model skate shoes that deliver maximum grip, comfort, cushion and style, the new éS SLB 97 Shoes in Navy are the only shoes you need this season and beyond!

This cool new pair Huf Soto Shoes in Grey Black is an updated version of one of Huf’s classic skate shoes. Built for comfort, protection and style, just like what many skaters love in their shredding footwear.

The new Lakai Griffin Mid WT Winter Boot in Charcoal Nubuck is highly functional as it is comfortable. Made for shredding long term, thanks to proper shock absorption.

If you need lightweight skate shoes that last and withstand years of shredding, the new Emerica Indicator Low Shoes in Rust is the only pair you’ll need for a long while.

Shop for the coolest and most stylish skate shoes for the season from the men’s skate shoes holiday 2017 collection available today at the Yakwax store! All with FREE UK delivery service.

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