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Pro & Hop Air Fresheners Have Landed at the Yakwax Store!

Air fresheners don’t always have to be boring and plain-looking. Out with old and in comes Pro & Hop that gives a fresh and playful take on air fresheners and other creative lifestyle accessories.

The brand is inspired by international culture which essentially reflects the modern-day society. Founded in 2013, Pro & Hop has emphasis on lifestyle accessories such as headwear, pins, stickers, air fresheners, t-shirts and socks.

This is why we are super stoked to announce the arrival of Pro & Hop air fresheners at the Yakwax store! They come in various shapes and representations of your favourite music icons, flora and fauna, and many others.

Take your pick from one of our top five favourites below…

The new Pro & Hop Side Prince Air Freshener – Mango Scent is a great addition to your growing memorabilia of the late music Icon. Listen to Prince’s music while driving and enjoying the sweet mango scent.

This cute and colourful Pro & Hop Donut Air Freshener – Mint Scent adds a pop of colour and refreshing scent in your car or in your abode.

Let this new Pro & Hop Bob Marley Air Freshener – Mint Scent linger as you listen to your favourite Marley classics on stereo.

If you love anything from Mexico (and perhaps cacti gardening and collecting), the new Pro & Hop Cactus Mexico Air Freshener – Mint Scent is for you. Enjoy a touch of green and wacky design on this refreshing air freshener.

The new Pro & Hop Rihanna Air Freshener – Cool Water Scent is a great addition to your Rihanna collection. Even if you’re not an avid fan of the artist, you’ll surely enjoy this refreshing cool water fragrance.

If you want cool and interesting additions to your lifestyle collection, consider these latest Pro & Hop air fresheners. They are very affordable and handy, and unique in their own way. Best of all, they are available here at the Yakwax store! Order today and enjoy our rad FREE UK delivery service.

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