The Primitive Skateboard Decks Summer 2022 Drop has Landed at Yakwax!

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The Primitive Skateboard Decks Summer 2022 Drop has Landed at Yakwax!


Skating in summer is one of the most anticipated activities amongst riders  - may they be pros, amateurs or beginners. This is the most fun time to shred under the warm weather with your fellow skaters. If you love going to skate parks, streets and various locations that provide skating areas, it's best to go prepared and properly geared for the season.

For those who have been skating for a while now, they know how it important it is to have proper skateboard that's ready for long-term shredding. Generally, you will see the wear and tear of your board after every season; so make sure to check it before you head out for this season's shredding sessions. 

Among the most beaten part of your board is the deck. Skateboard decks take the most beating if you're the type of skater who does a lot of tricks and if you skate every single day. Professional skaters usually need to replace theirs every 2-3 weeks, depending on how often they ride. For casual skaters and beginners, a skateboard deck could last for several months to a year. For whatever reason you need to replace your skate deck, it's ideal to choose one that's made with quality material. 

If you need a new deck for this season's shredding, we are stoked to announce that the Primitive Skateboard Decks Summer 2022 drop here at the Yakwax store! This collection has colourful and artsy decks that are all suitable for long-term shredding!

Browse below for our top picks from the Primitive Skateboard Decks Summer 2022 delivery 


When you need to upgrade your performance this summer, the Primitive 8.125" Silvas Peace Sells Megadeth Skateboard Deck is the pro model deck you need! This collab deck is made with standard 7-ply maple wood with a mellow concave.


For riders who love doing tricks, the Primitive 8.38" Chlorophyll Skateboard Deck is the perfect upgrade this season! This moderate concave deck is definitely eye-catching and offers plenty of space.


The Primitive 8.25" Hamilton Dreamer Skateboard Deck is both artwork and skate gear. This pro model deck has mellow concave on a 7-ply maple wood that will let you shred and do tricks all summer.

Make sure to check these decks from the Primitive Skateboard Decks Summer 2022 drop before you go out for a shred. All with FREE UK delivery when you order at Yakwax!