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Skating to your heart's content until the last days of the warm months can be a bit challenging especially if your footwear is quite worn out. There's always opportunity to upgrade your skate shoes no matter the season; so it's best to check your shoes if they are still in good condition or needing replacement.

Proper skate shoes are far more different than regular sneakers and trainers. The latter are not designed specifically for riding a skateboard, even though they have similar features and benefits. Men's skate shoes are precisely engineered to provide ample support and cushion to the rider's feet. You will also find skate shoes that use innovative materials and manufacturing processes that are not found in other shoe companies.

Many of today's skate footwear brands rely on their own unique approach to designing and manufacturing shoes that provide superb style and function to the wearer. Among these brands is New Balance Numeric skate shoes. The brand is known for their innovative and iconic footwear that has its own specific style.

This is why we are stoked to announce the arrival of the New Balance Numeric Shoes Fall 2021 drop here at the Yakwax store! So, if you've been meaning to upgrade your shredding performance and style, this collection has plenty of options for you.

Browse below for our top five picks from the New Balance Numeric Shoes Fall 2021 delivery


The New Balance Numeric NM272 Skate Shoes (Orange/Blue/White) are all about comfort, proper feet support, flexibility and style. When you're looking for skate footwear that has it all, these shoes are the perfect option.


When you need proper footwear to perform at your highest level, the New Balance Numeric NM306 Jamie Foy Skate Shoes (Black with Rust) allow you to do that and more. These superb shoes provide ample feet cushioning, support and comfort no matter how long you skate.


If you're searching for proper pro model skate shoes, the New Balance Numeric NM1010 Tiago Lemos Skate Shoes (White with Black) are the  perfect option. These shoes are designed to let you perform at the maximum level, thanks to multi-area cushioning and support that ensure long hours of shredding without tiring your feet.


The New Balance Numeric AM574 All Coasts Shoes (Navy) provide excellent feet cushion and support, comfort and style. These shoes are definitely designed for long-term shredding, allowing your feet to stay comfortable and always on your board.


There's nothing like wearing proper footwear like the New Balance Numeric NM288 Skate Shoes (White with Green) while shredding your heart's out! These shoes are designed with classic and modern skate shoe design in mind, plus all the superb features you're looking for in proper skate footwear.

It's about time to upgrade your shredding performance by starting with a new pair of proper skate shoes. The New Balance Numeric Shoes Fall 2021 drop has an excellent selection of footwear that will take your skateboarding performance to the next level. So, order yours here at Yakwax and enjoy our FREE UK delivery!

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