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NEW Xcel 2016 Winter Surfing Wetsuits for Cold Water

Xcel Smart Fibre TDC technology

All top end wetsuits are lined with the NEW TDC Smart Fibre Technology

It’s that time of year again when the water chills your bones and makes going for that session a bit hard to do than when the sun is shining down. But thanks to the new incredible smart tech wetsuits from Xcel and their TDC Therodry Celliant technology surfing in the coldest depths of winter has just become a whole lot easier!

Not only will these wetsuits keep you in the water longer, catching more waves and therefore surfing better they offer an incredible amount of stretch and with Xcel’s engineered cut seems they also fit your body better than any of the wetsuit on the market. This has led them to be nominated for Wetsuit of the Year at the SIMA awards along with accessory of the year for the Xcel Drylog boots.

Check out the full collection right here at

Here at Yakwax we are an authorised Xcel wetsuit seller and one of the largest in the UK. We offer free UK delivery but also ship worldwide. You will be very hard pushed to find someone that beats us on price.

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