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New Surfboard Fins by Captain Fin, FCS and Futures Have Arrived at Yakwax!



The choice of fins you use on your surfboard has direct impact on the way you surf and overall performance. Today, there are numerous brands in the market but only several of them are the most sought-after because of their quality, innovative design and aesthetics.

We are so stoked that we carry only the best brands such as FCS, Futuresand Captain Fin. And incidentally, we have just received the latest additions to our fins collection!

So many fins to choose from? How about checking our top five picks for starters:



This new Captain Fin Co Tanner G Lava Flow FCS Large Honeycomb Surfboard Fins in red and yellow colourway offer the perfect balance of pivot, drive and hold especially if you are 175lbs. and loves to surf in various water conditions.



The newest FCS II SB PC Tri Surfboard Fins are made for hollow waves and tight turns and snaps. If you are all for increased pivot and tail release, these fins will help you deliver!



The new FCS II Reactor PC Carbon Charcoal Tri Surfboard Fins are designed for total performance during tight turns, snaps and hollow waves. These are ideal fins for surfers who want to achieve increased pivot and tail release.



The new Futures TP1 Honeycomb Large Surfboard Fins in Black/Orange are ideal all-rounder fins for their highly responsive performance and medium flex and sturdier construction. They are highly recommended for surfers weighing over 180kg.



The new Futures EA Control Series Fins in Medium Black Green allow you to surf powerful, fast waves without exerting additional speed.


There are too many options out there, but we make sure to only carry the best brands of surf fins for casual surfers, amateurs and those who are training to be pros!

Make sure to check this latest drop and shop only here at Yakwax. Enjoy our superb FREE UK delivery service or our Worldwide Express Delivery when you purchase.


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