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New Stock of Skateboard Hardware and Accessories Now Available at Yakwax



Yakwax has a huge selection for all of your skateboard needs – from hardware, wheels, trucks and wax, to clothing and accessories that will suit your active lifestyle and love for the sport.

We carry a large number of popular brands that specifically cater to skateboarding fans and street wear aficionados. This time, we’d like to highlight a few of these brands which have just dropped us their latest stock.

Check below for some of the latest items from 14:01, Primitive Skateboarding, Crupie, Chocolate, Grizzly and Mouse.



Don’t let the minimalist front fool you because it’s all about big prints at the back of this 14:01 Cruise or Lose T-Shirt in Heather Grey.



This 14:01 Patch Hoodie in Grey Heather has the classic look and minimalistic style that some skaters and street wear fashionistas love. If you love simple lines and uncomplicated design on your outerwear, this 14:01 hoodie is for you.



This bright red Primitive x Huy Fong Foods Inc Paul Rodriguez Deck will remind you of the famed Sriracha Hot Sauce. If you want a bright coloured deck with a spicy twist, this should be on top of your list!



Want a sexy vamp to grace your skate deck? This Primitive Skateboarding x Vampirella Pin Up Skate Deck 8.25” is the answer.



This Crupie Apex Carlos Ribeiro Skateboard Wheels (53mm) are the best choice for long-lasting, all-white wheels you can enjoy for months. These wheels always look new, so your skate does not look too worn out even after months of shredding the parks.



Keep shredding without worrying about your skate wheels for months. These Crupie Apex Tiago Lemos Skateboard Wheels (51mm) are made of premium urethane to let you enjoy skating on them for longer.



You can only enjoy long-term shredding when you’ve got quality wheels – which is why you need these Chocolate Chunk Classic Skateboard Wheels (50mm) installed on your board.



Whether you’re a beginner or an expert skater, this pro model Chocolate Berle Skull & Snake Deck 8” is the perfect board for you.



When you want a classic 7-ply, poppy and durable pro model deck, the Grizzly Griptape x Plan B Gustavo Skateboard Deck 7.6 is a must-have for shredding your favourite locations.



It’s great to know that more and more pro model decks are being produced for all skill levels of skateboarders. Like the Grizzly Griptape x Plan B Chris Cole Skateboard Deck 8.5, an awesome addition to your shredding gear!



There are plain griptapes and then there’s the Mouse x Mob Caught Em Griptape. Colourful and hand-painted to give life to the usually black and boring griptape.



A touch of graphic design is what the Mouse x Mob Eye See Griptape is all about. Hand-sprayed with the ‘all seeing eye’ design, this griptape is ideal for skaters with minimalistic taste.


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