New Skateboard Protection Pads at Yakwax

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New Skateboard Protection Pads at Yakwax

Yakwax top priority is to offer you great products in a very affordable prices along with excellent customer service. We offer a lot of premium products; from tops to footwear for men, women and kids. Of course we will never forget to offer Protection Pads that will save our bodies and allow us to skate until we’re OAP’s.

5 Awesome new Pads that have just arrived. We personally selected them based on our standards.

When it comes to protection pads, one of our trusted brands is the 187 Killer Pads. Their products have been proven durable and comfortable. 187 Killer Pads uses quality materials and superior foam to make these protective gears better.

187 killer pads 187 fly knee pads
Get the same protection as the Pro’s with these Fly Knee Pads!

187 killer pads wrist guards
Killer Pads Wrist Guards with a contoured design.

187 killer pads 187 pro derby knee pads black purple
Pro Derby Pads that have been tested and perfected through years.

187 killer pads 187 elbow pads
Experience durability and comfort with this elbow pads.

Bullet safety gear also offers great products made from great materials. Their safety gears offers durability in an very affordable price.

bullet junior pad set
Save more with this pad set.

To see the full list of our Safety Gears, click this link now! Grab your safety gear now and get a FREE UK Delivery and also experience a 5-star customer service only here at Yakwax.