New Skateboard Decks and Wheels Now Available at Yakwax!

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New Skateboard Decks and Wheels Now Available at Yakwax!

Skateboarding is an action sport that frequently requires riders to have their gears in top condition. Skateboard decks and wheels are among the most abused parts since they are directly impacted by the rider and the concrete streets and parks they ride on.

This is why we are stoked to announce the arrival of the newest skate decks and wheels from some of the top brands we carry, such as Chocolate, Crupie, DGK, Girl, Sour and The Killing Floor.

When it’s time to replace your decks and/or wheels, simply browse through our latest selection!

Too many to choose from? Don’t worry, we have listed our top five picks which you might also like:

If you love Earthy tones and geometric patterns, these Crupie Apex Brown Logo Skateboard Wheels (51mm) are the perfect option. Stay classy and interesting as you shred your way through your favourite skating location.

For fans of Brandon Biebel, this Girl Biebel 93 Til Skateboard Deck 8.0″ is the perfect poppy deck to add colour into your shredding adventure!

The Killing Floor Skateboards Matt Field Be Here Now Deck 8.3″ is a great pro model deck that combines graphically pleasing imagery and performance.

This DGK Iconic Williams Deck 8.0″ is the perfect deck for pro model and cartoon lovers. So add a bit of fun and colour into your shredding with this deck.

Classically styled Chocolate Jesus Fernandez Original Chunk Skateboard Deck 8.125″ is the pro model of choice for skaters who are fans of the pro rider and those who love simple, but bold coloured decks.

Choose only the best brands when it comes to your skateboard decks and wheels because these parts are essential for your regular shredding and for doing tricks.

When you need to replace them now, just browse through this latest collection here at Yakwax! Order today and enjoy our killer FREE UK delivery service.