New Pro-Tec and Bullet Helmets Now Available at Yakwax!

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New Pro-Tec and Bullet Helmets Now Available at Yakwax!

Protecting yourself or your child from head injuries is a serious matter, especially when it’s all about extreme sports and activities. For skaters who have years of experience, helmets are not always an option during shredding sessions particularly if they are already familiar with the terrain. But for amateurs, groms in training, and the casual fans who just want to try, it is always advisable to wear a protective head gear to avoid accidental injuries.

Here at Yakwax, we value the safety of young skaters, BMX riders and similar sports practitioners. This is why we are so stoked to announce the arrival of Bullet and Pro-Tec helmets for both groms and grown-ups.

Below are our top five favourites from this drop:

The new Bullet Grom Kids Deluxe Helmet in Black is a must-have for your young shredder. Made with three-piece padding and cooling system for safety and comfort.

Be seen and protected with this bright Pro-Tec Multi-Sport Helmet in Satin Citrus. Whether you love skateboarding or other similar activities, this is the protective head gear to grab!

If you love classic style head gear, this new Pro-Tec x Spitfire – The Classic Helmet is the perfect choice. This helmet is stylish and comfortable as it protects and offers breathability while you shred for hours.

If you want the same protection of a classic helmet, but a lighter version, the new Pro-Tec Street Lite Helmet in Navy Blue is your go-to head protection.

Provide your young shredder the right protection from high-imapct bumps and falls with the new Bullet Grom Kids Helmet in Matte Blue.

Staying safe and protected from inevitable accidents while shredding, riding a bike, and other similar sports should always be a top priority. For those in training, young groms, and when treading unfamiliar terrain, a helmet could save your head from serious injuries and even your life.

Give yourself, a loved one or your kid the gift of protection and safety by getting one of these helmets from Pro-Tec and/or Bullet. Order today at Yakwax and enjoy our incredible FREE UK delivery service or Worldwide Express delivery!