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New Batch of Primitive Skate Apparel and Accessories Available at Yakwax!

For a hardcore skateboard fan, the brand Primitive is a significant label that resonates beyond the shores of Southern California and the United States, in general. It has garnered global recognition as one of the primary go-to brands among skaters, fans and fashionistas who love the skate style.

The eclectic and classic designs of Primitive skate wear never go out of style. They are made durable and with technically advanced approach, ensuring to meet the demands of the end-users.

This is why we are so stoked to announce that the latest Primitive skateboarding apparel and accessories have recently arrived at the Yakwax store! Now you can complete your 2017 skate wardrobe with these fantastic products from Primitive.

The following are our top favourites from this latest drop:

Skate in style with the new Primitive Skateboarding Primitive Dirty P Strapback Cap in Black. This heather black five-panel cap is perfect for your daytime shredding sessions, summer outings and other outdoor activities.

If you love classic-styled skate head wear, this new Primitive Apparel Primitive Good For Life Cord Snapback Cap in Black is the perfect choice for you. Wear it with anything – from casual hang-out attire to skating basics.

For the clean and cool look, this new Primitive Apparel Primitive Good For Life Cord Snapback Cap in White is the perfect addition to your warm weather shredding getup.

The new Primitive Apparel Primitive Creped Warm Up Short in Midnight is ideal for those warm summer daytime activities with your skating mates. Lightweight and relaxed, these shorts are made for all sorts of outdoor activities.

If it’s time to update your wardrobe with the latest skate apparel and accessories, Primitive should be on top of your list.

Shop for the latest Primitive skate apparel and accessories here at Yakwax and enjoy our rad standard FREE UK delivery or Worldwide Express delivery service!

Still thinking of what to shop?

Relax and watch this cool video by Primitive.

The Primitive Skateboarding squad’s numerous awards in 2016


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