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New Batch of Gorilla Tail Pads Are Now at Yakwax!


It was in the 1980s when Gorilla Grip was born, meshing both fashion and function in every griptape they design. It was a hit among surfers everywhere. To date, they have been celebrating more than 3 decades of gripping and they’re still ripping.

At Yakwax, we bring you the latest collection of the best Gorilla tail pads for your next surfing adventure! There are tons of Gorilla tail pads that can match any board or style you need.

Here’s a sneak peek of the latest Gorilla tail pads Yakwax has to offer!


The Gorilla Surf Gorilla Grip 3 Piece Feed Dawn Tail Pad is suited for extreme surfing. This 3-piece traction pad is sure to give you the boost in your surf adventures!



Take surfing adventures to a whole new level with the high-performing Gorilla Surf Gorilla Kai Fever Tail Pad Surfboard Deck Grip.



For an incredible grip that ensures better foot control, you can never go wrong with the Gorilla Surf Gorilla Grip Rozsa Pattern Tail Pad!



Add power and performance to your surfing with the two-piece Gorilla Surf Gorilla Grip Phat Two Hello Tail Pad. The choice for extreme surfing adventures!



Surf and stay on your board (and on the water) for longer with the Gorilla Surf Gorilla Wilko Hyper Tail Pad Surfboard Deck Grip.


Gear up for your next surf trip by getting the latest Gorilla Surftail pads right here at the Yakwaxstore! Order today and receive our FREE UK delivery service!

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