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The New Balance Numeric Skate Shoes Fall 2020 Drop has Arrived at Yakwax!


Skate shoes take most of the beating when it comes to skaters' getup. Whether you own a dozen or just a couple of pairs of skate footwear, it is essential to invest on top-notch branded shoes for maximum wear and quality.

No matter how careful and "kind" you are to your skate shoes, it's hard to avoid those bumps and scratches while shredding. The good thing is there are abundant skate shoes brands to choose from. But picking the right brand makes a huge difference. Branded skate shoes are designed to withstand the consequences of shredding and their durability guarantees years of use despite the wear and tear.

One of the top brands in skate footwear is New Balance Numeric. The main brand itself is an iconic name in the footwear industry, and the "skate side" has built its own tremendous following over the years. Whether a skater or not, New Balance Numeric skate shoes appeals to everyone who loves top-quality footwear.

This is why we are super stoked to announce the arrival of the New Balance Numeric Skate Shoes Fall 2020 collection. Choose from a selection of superbly crafted skate footwear to match your style.

Browse below for some of our faves from this New Balance skate shoes delivery


The New Balance Numeric AM574 Shoes (White/Royal) is perfect for those who love low-top skate shoes. These shoes are designed to support your feet from inside and out.


For those who want to maximise their shredding and require flexibility and durability, the New Balance Numeric NM379 x Challenger Skate Shoes (Black/Black) will help you achieve them. These shoes are made with proper reinforcements and support for your feet to ensure long-lasting shredding.


The New Balance Numeric NM1010 Tiago Lemos Skate Shoes (Grey/Red) are definitely made for comfort and impact absorption. These pro model skate shoes are designed to support your feet all day.


When it comes to style and feet protection, the New Balance Numeric NM379 Skate Shoes (Black) have it all and more. Designed to withstand impacts while providing proper support, superb board feel and flexibility.


The New Balance Numeric NM306 Jamie Foy Skate Shoes (Grey/Yellow) provide ample support to your feet especially during impacts and landings. These pro model skate shoes are designed for both style and performance.

Nothing beats a great pair of skate shoes especially if they are branded ones that ensure performance, durability and comfort. The New Balance Numeric Skate Shoes Fall 2020 drop has a top-notch selection of footwear that are made just for you. Order yours here at Yakwax with FREE UK delivery!