Nectar Sunglasses New September Collection at Yakwax

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Nectar Sunglasses New September Collection at Yakwax

Boom! New Nectar Sunglasses for September Sun!

Being outdoors is so much more fun when you do it in sunnies! Knowing that your eyes will be protected is only the half of it, mixing and matching awesome colours and designs is where the real fun lies.

Some of the key features of Nectar’s sunglasses will be as follows:

(1) Lightweight frame specifically designed for maximum comfort.

(2) Its frame is made from a durable polycarbonate material and optimum impact resist to take a beating.

(3) Impact and scratch resistant polycarbonate lenses which is designed for maximum strength.

(4) Constructed with a 100% UV Protection you can assure that your eyes are protected while you’re having fun under the sun!

Below are our Five most Favourite Styles of Sunnies from this delivery. We have selected them based on our standards:

nectar ketch polarised sunglasses in glossy black/black
Get a trendy look while keeping your eyes comfortable and protected.

nectar ipa polarised sunglasses in light tortoise gold
Crafted with a 100% UV Protection and can also reduce blinding eyestrain off water and snow.

nectar dank polarised sunglasses in black green
Enjoy the heat while knowing that your eyes will be protected!

nectar cay polarised sunglasses in glossy black blue
Style and Comfort together on one product!

nectar coltic polarised sunglasses in black
Wear this new Sunnies and have a lightweight and comfortable feeling!

Just like your skin, your eyes also need protection and Nectar got it all for you!

Details of these sunglasses along with the other brands can be found here. Choose yours now and get a FREE UK Delivery upon check out. Only here at Yakwax!