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Skaters know the need for maintaining their gear often requires replacement of worn-out hardware and attachments like wheels, grip tape, bearings, trucks and nuts & bolts. Having these items on-hand is one way to ensure more enjoyable and hassle-free shredding sessions.

Many experienced shredders would choose only the best skateboard hardware and accessories to ensure quality and durability. The longevity of your skate gear may, often times, rely on the quality of the hardware you prefer; so it's essential to go for brands that specialise and are renowned for such types of skate hardware.

Here at Yakwax we carry some of the world-renowned brands in skateboard hardware to ensure our customers are satisfied and enjoying prolonged shredding without always buying the necessary tools and items for their board. This is why we are super stoked to announce the first 2019 drop of assorted skate hardware, trucks and wheels from some of the industry's top brands. 

Browse below for our top five picks:



The Thunder Na-Kel Takeover 147 Trucks (1 Pair, Yellow) are must-haves for shredders who appreciate smooth and controlled ride. Apart from the overall appeal of these trucks, you can be sure you're getting a lightweight and durable pair for long-lasting shredding.



The Independent x Thrasher Indy Bolts 7/8" Phillips (Black) are superb alternatives or replacements to your old skate bolts. Each of these bolts has extended unthreaded area that helps prevent skateboard damage.



If you need durable, classic-shaped skate wheels, the Spitfire Brian Slash Hansen Pro 52mm Classic 99D Skateboard Wheels are among the superior options you'll find today. If you love shredding in all sorts of terrain, these are ideal wheels for your skateboard.



The Andale Abec 7 Skate Bearings (Black) let you ride fast and smoothly without the risk of damaging them. These bearings have been tested for high-impact shredding, making them suitable for hardcore shredders.



The Bro Style Weed Grip Tape has fine-grit texture which provides the necessary grip you need for your skateboard, longboard or cruiser. Quite simplistic in design, but definitely one of the coolest you'll find today.


The key to keeping your skateboarding sessions smooth and seamless is to ride with better board and hardware. You can only achieve them by choosing the top-rated skate brands we carry here at our shop.

Order yours today from our very first drop of skate hardware for 2019 - all with FREE UK delivery at Yakwax!


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