The Lakai Shoes Summer 2021 Collection has Landed at Yakwax!

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The Lakai Shoes Summer 2021 Collection has Landed at Yakwax!


An absolute must for every rider is to wear proper skate shoes to protect and support their feet. While there's other footwear available in the market, nothing beats the true and trusted benefits of proper skate shoes since they are especially designed for the purpose of skateboarding and protecting the wearer's feet from impacts of riding.

There are plenty of skate shoe brands today; but often times riders will choose only the brands they trust since they find more unparalleled benefits and design features from them. Among the most-trusted and world-renowned brands with years of expertise is Lakai skate shoes. The brand is also known for their innovative approach to designing skate footwear to ensure comfort and support riders' feet from the impacts of skating.

This is why we are super stoked to announce the arrival of the Lakai Shoes Summer 2021 drop here at the Yakwax store! Don't miss out on this superb collection of skate shoes for men and kids.

Browse below for our top five favourites from the Lakai Shoes Summer 2021 delivery


The rad Lakai Telford High Top Skate Shoes (White/Light Blue) is a definite must-have for any skater. These shoes are not just stylish on your feet as they provide ample support and traction for superb riding experience.


If you need to upgrade your skate footwear, the Lakai Riley Hawk 3 Skate Shoes (Black Suede) is the best option. This pro model shoe is made for comfort wear, ample feet support and durability to let you shred without worries.


If you're looking for classic design on skate footwear, the cool Lakai Flaco II Skate Shoes (Cream Leather) are must-haves for your feet! These pro model shoes are designed for street/city skating and with ample feet cushion and support, as well as lightweight and shock-absorbing features.


When you have a kid that loves to shred, it's only fitting to provide proper skate footwear to protect his feet. The rad Lakai Kids Brighton Skate Shoes (Grey/Red Suede) are the perfect choice, so your kid can shred in comfort.


For riders who love footwear that never goes out of style, the Lakai Cambridge Skate Shoes (White/Teal Suede) are the best option. This classic and modern combination of design and comfort, plus the superb quality materials to ensure feet cushioning will surely make your shredding sessions more rewarding.

There's no better alternative for properly crafted skate shoes when you're the avid rider who's always seeking comfort, feet support and durability. The Lakai Shoes Summer 2021 drop has a great selection of skate shoes that truly deliver the features and benefits you're looking for. All with FREE UK delivery when you shop at Yakwax!