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Spring time is definitely made for shredding the streets and parks. With the fairly warm and soothing weather comes the need for more airy and comfortable apparel. But it should not be just your good old basic wear especially when there are skate and street brands that provide cool and stylish clothing for the warm seasons.

Perhaps the most common tops these days are t-shirts and buttoned shirts made with soft and light materials. It is essential to wear lighter tops when you're a skater or an outdoorsy person. When you love strenuous activities, light tops are your refuge if you can't say no to skating or any outdoor activity.

One of the top brands that provide cool, stylish and edgy apparel and accessories is Huf. The brand is well-received by the skating and street wear community because of the unique designs and styles they put out.

This is why we are super stoked to announce the arrival of the Huf Spring 2020 collection here at the Yakwax store! Choose from the collection's coolest tops from tees, jackets and sweatshirts, as well as hats and caps for those sunny morning shreds.

Browse below for our top five faves:




Stand out from the crowd with the new Huf Essentials OG Logo S/S T-Shirt (Grape). This vibrant and comfy tee is what you need for shredding, hanging out or just chilling at home with your friends.



If you need an artsy headwear with a hint of sophistication, the new Huf Atelier Bucket Hat Red L/XL (large/extra large) is the answer. This cool bucket hat is great with any of your sporty/casual apparel for shredding and hanging out under the warm weather.



Being prepared for unpredictable weather even in spring calls for outerwear that's durable, water-proof and comfortable. The new Huf Standard Shell 3 Jacket (Rust) is just what you need for those weird rainy or windy days.



The Huf Allen Knit Top T-Shirt (Harbor Grey) is a great addition to your skate or street style collection. Wear it your favourite jeans or trousers for shredding or for chilling out with friends.



For those chilly mornings and early evenings, the new Huf Quake USA L/S T-Shirt (White) is an ideal top to keep yourself warm and cosy. Whether you're out for a shred or just enjoying the outdoor weather, this long-sleeved tee will get you through those nippy days.


If you love skating and the outdoors, wearing comfortable clothing shouldn't be challenging when there are brands that cater to a wide demographic. The Huf Spring 2020is just one example of a diverse branded collection that offers something to everyone. Check out this latest drop here at Yakwax and enjoy our FREE UK delivery when you order. 


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