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Rad Huf, eS and Volcom Skate Clothing, Shoes and Accessories Fall 2022 Drop Now at Yakwax!


Nothing can stop an avid skater from riding even in the colder months of fall to winter. That's why proper fall getup and footwear are designed to protect and keep riders comfortable and warm while shredding. 

For many riders, fall season is one of the best times to shred since the daytime weather is cooler with a hint of warmth when the sun is up. In the afternoons to early evenings, the chilly breeze can cause some discomfort, but you can easily alleviate it by wearing light outerwear. So, layer up with light hoodies, sweaters, jackets or knit wear to ensure you're warm and protected from the cold.

When speaking of proper skate getup, it usually includes your all-season t-shirt and trousers/jeans combo and a great pair of skate shoes and socks to ensure you're riding in comfort. Additional items such as hats/caps, outerwear and other necessities will keep you riding without worries. Often, you'll find riders searching for new and exciting pieces from some of their favourite skate brands, since it's been their usual route every time they need to shop.

This is why we are excited to announce the arrival of the Huf, eS and Volcom Skate Clothing, Shoes and Accessories Fall 2022 Drop here at the Yakwax store! There's plenty of options to choose from to complete and complement your fall skate fashion - from tees to sweaters, to hoodies and hats, as well as footwear, socks and other accessories.

Check out these videos below for a glimpse of how team riders and pros rock their favourite getup from these superb brands.  

Here's an interesting video that focuses on Brad Cromer, one of Huf's team riders, and a variety of Huf skate clothing and accessories worn by him and other team riders in the scenes

The team riders are at it again in this video, sporting a variety of Volcom clothing and accessories 

Check out these rad eS skate shoes that any skater would love to wear! They're a great addition to your growing skate footwear collection.

Make sure to browse the Huf, eS and Volcom brand pages for the latest skate clothing, shoes and accessories to see what's in store for you this fall!