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Skateboarding during the winter months can be a bit of a challenge especially when your skateboard is already worn out and needing replacement. Typically, the deck gets damaged first especially if you love to grind it onto ledges and railings. There will be times when the entire board would be needing replacement, particularly for those who compete regularly.

When you're at the brink of completely damaging your board or deck, it's best to look for replacement early on to ensure you have continuous shredding sessions throughout the season. While this time you are not as vigorous of a skater as you were during the warmer months, there's always opportunity to skate and wear out your gear in the process.

If it's time to update or replace your ride, you've come to the right place!

We are stoked to announce the arrival of the Globe Skateboard Decks & Completes Winter 2020/2021 collection here at the Yakwax store! Choose from an array of colourful quality skate decks and completes to match your winter skating needs.

Browse below for our top five favourites from this Globe skateboard delivery 


Ride away on the bright and cheery Globe Goodstock Skate Deck (Orange, 8.125")! This deck will surely make you pop out in the parks and streets, so be sure to show off your sick moves as much as you can.


This rad and unique Globe Blazer Cruiser Skateboard (Coconut Sky, 26") is indeed made of interesting materials to live up to its name. Coconut and maple wood were incorporated to give this board a specific look and durability.


If you need a board with simple and edgy appeal, the new Globe G1 Fairweather Boxed Complete Skateboard (Black/Yellow, 8.0") is the best option. Equipped with proper hardware and made with super sturdy 7-ply maple wood, this board will let you shred without limits!


Bring along some sunshine on a dull winter shred with this bright and cheery Globe Goodstock Skate Deck (Yellow, 7.75"). This deck is durable and definitely made for long hours of shredding.


If you're the artsy type who appreciates artful designs on your board, this cool Globe G1 Stack Complete Skateboard (Daydream, 8.25") is he best option for you. Made with 7-ply maple wood and branded hardware, this board will let you shred in style and confidence.

Skating in the cold winter months can be a challenge to other riders, but there are those who truly enjoy the weather and the adventures that come with it. It can only be made possible with the proper gear to ensure you're shredding sessions are worth the effort. So, make sure to check the Globe Skateboard Decks & Completes Winter 2020/2021Drop here at Yakwax to see what other options you've got. All with FREE UK delivery when you order today!

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