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Fall clothing, footwear and accessories are essential for individuals with active lifestyles. This is quite true for boardsports professionals and enthusiasts who are always keen to go outside to enjoy their favourite sport no matter the season.

It is definitely getting colder and colder each day, so it is a must to have the necessary outfit from head to toe. This is why we are stoked to announce the arrival of the Globe Fall 2019 collection here at the Yakwax store! Choose from the coolest shoes, tops, tees, hoodies, jackets and beanies for your next shred. Don't forget to add an accessory or two like bags and backpacks to complete your fall adventure!

Below are our top five picks:



The new Globe Ignite Puffer Jacket (Bottle) is a must-have outerwear to keep you warm this season. It's perfect for chilly days and nights out - either when you're shredding or just hanging out with your mates.



When you need a pair of footwear for both shredding or non-shredding days, the Globe GS Boot (Brown Leather) is stylish and appropriate for both situations. 



Fall to winter weather requires protection from head to toe, so you better grab a Globe Johnson Beanie (Fatigue) to keep you warm while shredding on a nippy day or hanging out with your friends.



The stylish Globe Goodstock Chino Pants (Army) can instantly become a favourite bottomwear for both skating and informal/casual situations. Wear them with your favourite t-shirt or buttoned long-sleeves for a stylishly effortless getup.



For carrying your gadgets, keys and small items while shredding or running an errand on a busy day, the Globe Richmond II Side Bag (Tobacco) will not only keep them safe, but it will also keep them dry. 


When staying outdoors is inevitable despite the cold weather, Globe is one of the many brands that ensure they have stylish getup and accessories for people with active lifestyles. Order yours today here at Yakwax and enjoy our FREE UK delivery


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