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The spring and summer months exude a vibe that lets everyone enjoy the outdoors even more. The warm sun during daytime and the cool breeze in the afternoon are enough reasons to get out there and skate or simply hang-out.

Such is the laid-back, yet promising excitement of the outdoors during these sunny months allow us to engage in more sports and activities. But, there should be enough protection for the eyes not just for the harmful UV rays of the sun, but also for dirt and debris that could potentially harm your eyes as you shred the streets.

Many skaters would stick to wearing their favourite pair of years-old sunglasses simply because they are on a budget. Glassy Sunhaters eliminate the high costs of trendy and cool sunglasses without sacrificing on quality and style. You can always get a stylish pair of sunglasses without burning a hole in your wallet, plus mix and match with your all-season outfits.

This is one of the reasons why we are super stoked to announce the arrival of the Glassy Sunhaters Spring 2019 collection here at the Yakwax store! UV protected and Polarised sunglasses are the best options right now, and this latest drop has all you need in a pair of cool sunglasses.

Browse below for our top five picks:


Round sunglasses never go out of style and these cool Glassy Carlos Polarised Sunglasses (Silver Teal) are the perfect spring-summer eyewear for shredding and casual outdoor activities. Complement any of your casual and sporty getup, and even your formal attire - you can never go wrong with these sunglasses.



For trend-setters and fashionistas, the Glassy Lincoln Polarised Sunglasses (Black Gold) are ideal for complementing their outdoor style. Don't be surprised if you see non-skaters wearing these shades for they are absolutely stylish on their own.



The Glassy MikeMo Premium Polarised Sunglasses (Matte Black/Blue Mirror) evoke a super cool vibe that many shredders, and otherwise, will appreciate. Shred or hang-out in style without the extra effort with these sunglasses.



The Glassy Timtim Premium Polarised Sunglasses (Matte Black) exude a mix of cool and classic vibe that will make you stand out from the crowd. You can virtually wear these shades anywhere and with anything, and still you'll look cool!



The subtle, hidden detail of the Glassy Mikemo Premium Polarised Sunglasses (Black Tortoise) add a touch of chic to the wearer. So, whether you skate or not, these sunglasses will bring out your inner cool.


We all spend a little when it comes to fashionable sunglasses. But Glassy Sunhaters enable wearers to go beyond without splurging with their plentiful options and interesting styles that pique any individual's interest. 

So, when it's time to get a pair of shades this season, do browse the Glassy Sunhaters Spring 2019 collection to see what's in store for you. All with FREE UK delivery when you order at Yakwax

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