The FCS Surfboard Fins Spring 2022 Drop is Now at Yakwax!

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The FCS Surfboard Fins Spring 2022 Drop is Now at Yakwax!


Surfing from spring to summer calls for superior quality fins to ensure long-lasting shredding. Many surfers know that choosing the best quality fins make a huge difference in their overall performance. The warm months offer great opportunity to test your skill as a surfer, so these factors can help you in choosing the ideal fins for your board.

Today's surf gear brands provide superior quality fins and accessories to ensure riders like you can make the most of your surfing adventure. Among these prominent names in the market is FCS fins. They are world renowned for the quality and technical features of their surfboard fins to which many professional riders can attest to. They have also collaborated with many pro surfers to design pro model surf fins for surfers to try and see the difference in their performance.

This is why we are super stoked to announce the arrival of the FCS Surfboard Fins Spring 2022 Drop here at the Yakwax store! There are plenty of surf fins to check out and see what fits your riding style.

Browse below for our top five picks from the FCS Surfboard Fins Spring 2022 delivery


The FCS II Clique PG 9" Longboard Fin (Dusk) is ideal for both modern and traditional longboards. If you need a fin for manoeuvrability and performance, this is the right fin for your longboard.


For surfers who need more board control and predictability at high speeds, the FCS II H4 Large Thruster Surfboard Fins (Smoke) are the best solution. This fin set enables you to turn with minimal effort and provides speed and release during transition.


The FCS II Connect PG 8" Longboard Fin (Navy) is a versatile fin that's ideal for all sorts of conditions. This well-balanced longboard fin enables you to combine speed, drive and response.


The FCS II H4 Small Thruster Surfboard Fins (Smoke) are designed for speed and predictability, and board control. These intuitive fins are also great when releasing at transition point.


The FCS II Pivot PG 7" Longboard Fin (Clear) has minimal sweep and ideal for nose riding, and for boards with hard rails. This fin works well as a single setup and it's also 2+1 compatible.

Finding the right fins for your surfboard is a lot easier with excellent fin models and sets available from our FCS Surfboard Fins Spring 2022 Drop. All with FREE UK delivery when you order at Yakwax!