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The cooler temperatures of fall are ideal for spending more time outdoors to enjoy some strenuous activities and sports. For skaters, it is the time to wear more comfortable clothing that provides warmth as well. Many skaters enjoy fall season shredding as the cool weather eliminates overheating and being sweaty and uncomfortable while shredding their favourite spots.

Having the right clothes and footwear to match the changing season means you are prepared for the differences in temps. Some people may think that the cooler months could deter skateboarders and outdoorsy or sporty lads from going out. If the weather and terrain are still manageable, you can be sure there are skaters out there rocking their fall getup as they shred.

This is why we are stoked to announce that the latest eS Fall 2019 drop has landed at Yakwax! Cool and stylish tops, pants and shoes are within your reach in this fall season injection from one of the industry's most popular brands.

Browse our top five favourites below:

The eS Accel Slim Skate Shoes (Black, Brown) is your ultimate pair of skate shoes for fall. Made to withstand hours of shredding, while providing comfort and support on the crucial areas of your feet.

If you need one shirt that can go from sporty to casual, the eS Mitga Polo Shirt (Black) is the perfect option. With its water-repelling properties, this shirt is all you need for all-weather and quick transition wear.

The eS Cargo Jogger (Black) has stepped up a notch when it comes to jogger pants. It has enough pockets for small gadgets and water-repelling properties to keep you dry while shredding.

The new eS Block Tech Hoodie (White) is not only stylish and cool-looking, but it is definitely made to protect you from the cool and sometimes wet weather. It has water-repelling properties to keep you dry while enjoying the outdoors.

The eS Hart Cargo Pants (Camo) should be part of your shredding and outdoor getup. It has water-repelling qualities to keep you dry and comfortable while skating, stylish and will go well with your favourite tops and skate shoes.

Make sure to grab any of these eS skate clothing and shoes while stocks last! All with FREE UK delivery when you order at Yakwax.

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