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Taking advantage of the warm summer months always lead to going to the beach and enjoying the waves as much and as often as you can. But being prepared and always ready for unexpected issues such as ripped wetsuits and dinged surfboards will make the trip more worthwhile.

If you have a board bag to store your precious surfboard, it's essential to pack in the much-needed surfboard ding and wetsuit repair products as part of your usual surf gear and accessories. It's always ideal to pack your bags with necessary tools and repair kits that you might not use often, but essential to have within reach. Manageable dings and wetsuit tares are easy and quick to fix with such products on-hand. However, when the damage is quite large and cannot be fixed with ready to use repair kits, it's advisable to take the damaged item to a professional.

We are super stoked to announce the arrival of Ding All Surfboard and Wetsuit Repair Products here at the Yakwax store! We always strive to carry only the best brands in the market to make sure you'll get the best results from using them. So, before setting out on your next surfing adventure, make sure to stock up on repair products to keep you shredding!

Browse below for our top five picks:



When you need a repair kit for both polyester and epoxy boards, the Ding All Standard Epoxy Repair Kit (3 oz) is the perfect product to use. Unlike other board repair, this one is odourless and doesn't turn yellow.



For quick and easy repair, the Ding All Sun Cure Polyester Fibrefill Kit (3.5 oz) is the best option when you're out on a surf trip. Make sure to pack this kit with you on your next surfing adventure.



For polyester and epoxy boards, the Ding All Sun Cure Polyester Repair Kit (Ultra Clear) is the perfect kit to have. This repair kit is what you need if you want a tack-free surface that's easier to sand and super durable on your board.



The Ding All Super Polyester Repair Kit (4 oz) is ideal for both polyester and epoxy surfboards, thanks to its super durable formula that lasts long. If you ride medium to long boards, this repair kit is best to keep in your board bag wherever you go.



When you need one product that repairs different surf items, the Ding All The Blobb - Wetsuit / Bodyboard / Fin Repair (1 oz) is a must-try. If you want to try Ding All for the first time, The Blobb is a good starter repair product for you to check out. Make sure to take one with you on your next surf trip to keep you shredding without worries.


Don't let a tiny ding or rip ruin your surfing adventure this time around. Make sure to grab one or two items from the Ding All Surfboard and Wetsuit Repair Products available here at Yakwax. Enjoy FREE UK delivery when you order today!

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