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 A safe and successful snowboard/ski adventure does not only rely on the snowboarder's skill, but on proper choice of apparel, gear and accessories as well. This is why world-renowned brands like Dakine are constantly innovating to provide high-quality range of snowboard and ski products.

Enjoy the most of the winter months by equipping yourself with proper snowboard and ski clothing, accessories and essentials. Keeping yourself warm and comfortable is top priority if you love winter sports and hanging out at your favourite ski resorts. 

We are super stoked to announce the arrival of the Dakine Winter 2018-2019 Collection here at Yakwax! Choose from a great range of accessories and gear you can take with you whenever you set out for a snowboard or ski adventure.

Browse below for our top five picks: 



The stylishly cool Dakine Omega Ski/Snowboard Gloves (Resin) are the perfect pair to keep your hands and fingers warm and comfy. Never leave without these gloves to fully enjoy your winter resort and ski/snowboard adventure.



Secure your snowboard or skis with Dakine Cool Lock Ski/Snowboard Lock (Green). Know your gear is safe and sound whenever you leave them unattended, thanks to the retractable steel cable and lock combination of this compact lock.



You will definitely need the Dakine Low Roller Snowboard Bag (Scout) if you need a bag for up to two snowboards with extra compartments for small accessories and boots. 



If you need a versatile headwear for winter and outdoor fun, this cool Dakine Tall Boy Reversible Beanie (Black/Jungle) is one of the best options. Wear it anytime of day as a slouchy or folded beanie in either black or jungle hue.



The Dakine Stance Driver Snowboard Tool (Green) is a must-have handy tool for adjusting your snowboard's stance. It has all the little tools you need from Posi-drive, Phillips, hex head and tape measure. Keep it on-hand and ready in your snowboard bag.


There's nothing like being prepared and well-equipped for a great winter adventure with your family and friends. Whether you're an avid skier or snowboarder, or just the typical winter resort visitor, it's always best to have proper apparel, gear and accessories on-hand. 

Choose the latest from the Dakine Winter 2018-2019 Collection - available at Yakwax with our incredible FREE UK delivery when you shop today! 

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