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If you've been meaning to update your wardrobe for the coming months, it's advisable to stock up on the staples based on your favourite hobbies and lifestyle.

For skaters, tees, caps, light jackets, hoodies and accessories are a must to complement their activities. Of course, there's always a reason and the perfect timing to also update one's skateboard in order to enjoy shredding safely and without hassle.

Even if you're not a skater, there's always something interesting for you in many of our surf and skate products, particularly from our men's clothing, footwear and accessories collections. The laid-back, cool vibe is always a winner among the youth and to those who love a relaxed style.

This is why we are stoked to announce the arrival of a variety of skate and streetwear products from some of the top-rating brands in the industry. Choose from the numerous skate decks, tops, caps and other accessories from brands like Magenta, Sour, Chocolate, Rocket, Primitive, Prime, Girl, Bullet and Crupie.

Below are our top favourites from this latest drop: 


If you need a breathable top for skating, the new Sour Sweatshirt Polo in Navy is the perfect option. Quite functional and stylish, this sweatshirt works well with any of your favourite jeans and trousers.



If you need a rad new skate deck, the new Chocolate Skateboards Paco Deck 8.0 is the one for you. It's designed for all skill levels and made with 7-ply maple wood that's hard to beat.



For shredding or simply hanging around with your pals, this new Magenta Pouch Bag in Grey is a good, lightweight bag for your mobile phone, wallet and other small accessories you can't do without.



The new Rocket Mini Complete Skateboard Mask Series Aztec 7.375 is ideal for both newbie and expert shredder. If you need high-quality skateboard that catches the eye, this is the perfect choice.



The new Girl Skateboards Olympic Futbol Rudy Johnson Deck 8.25 is ideal for football fans. Made with 7-ply maple and custom graphic design that highlights the famous footballer.

Make sure to check the rest of this collection to find the latest items from some of the world's top skate brands. All with FREE UK delivery when you order today at Yakwax!

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