The Channel Islands Tail Pads Fall 2022 Drop has Landed at Yakwax!

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The Channel Islands Tail Pads Fall 2022 Drop has Landed at Yakwax!


A great surfer is always accompanied by both skill and gear. No matter the challenges, a rider can depend on years of experience, techniques and the availability of excellent surfing equipment to execute his manoeuvres. 

Among the surf essentials, aside from the surfboard, is a tail pad. Also known as a deck grip or traction pad, this item is designed to meet the preference of individual surfers. You will find various foot arches and different kick sizes, so you have more control over your surfboard. While a surf wax will always be handy, having a tail pad attached onto the tail of your board provides more grip than wax.

One of the leading brands in surfboard tail pads is Channel Islands. The company is primarily known for their superb selection of surfboards, surfing essentials/gear, accessories and apparel. The company has been around for decades, designing and innovating surfboard and accompanying products to suit the demands of avid surfers.

This is why we are stoked to announce the arrival of the Channel Islands Tail Pads Fall 2022 drop here at the Yakwax store! So, if it's time to upgrade your board with an excellent tail pad / deck grip, this is the collection to go for. 

Here's a thrilling video of the Channel Islands team doing what they do well, while showcasing one of the brand's latest shortboards and deck grips.

The Channel Islands Surfing Team and Amazing Shaper Britt Tour Japan with the CI Pro Shortboard - A Must-see for all CI fans and riders

Before you hit the waves this season, make sure your board is grippy enough to keep you riding. Check the Channel Islands Tail Pads Fall 2022 drop to find what suits your surfing needs. All with FREE UK delivery at Yakwax!