The Carve Sunglasses Spring 2019 Collection is Now Available at Yakwax

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The Carve Sunglasses Spring 2019 Collection is Now Available at Yakwax!


Looking cool and stylish can be quite expensive even with just the addition of a fashion accessory. One example is a pair of rad sunglasses from a high-end brand. You could easily spend hundreds of pounds just to get that cool vibe, but it leaves a huge dent in your wallet.

While it's easy to get caught on an impulsive buy, you can always go for a pair of shades that provide enough coolness and style without leaving a hole in your pocket. Carve is one of the very few brands that understand this situation and they never run out of stylish, yet affordable sunglasses primarily geared toward the surf and snowboard practitioners. However, anyone who needs a pair of cool shades on a budget will find Carve's collection quite plentiful and accessible for anyone.

This is why we are stoked to announce the arrival of the Carve Sunglasses Spring 2019 Collection here at the Yakwax store! Whether you're into board-sports or simply love the laid-back style of your favourite riders, Carve has a pair of sunglasses for you in this latest drop. Don't worry groms, you will find a pair for your style as well.

Browse below for our top five picks from this collection Carve sunglasses delivery

Add colour and style in your spring-summer outfit with the these cool Carve Havana Polarised Sunglasses (Honey Brown). Walk down the beach in style with these sunnies while protecting your eyes from the sun's bright rays.

These rad Carve Kids Sublime Sunglasses (Matt Black Revo) are must-haves especially during the spring to summer months. Protect your kid's eyes while outdoors with these cool and stylish shades.

The Carve Homeland Polarised Sunglasses (Matte Black Grey) possess the classic vibe that many wearers love. These shades are great for any casual and sporty attire.

The Carve Kids Stinger Sunglasses (Black White) exude a cool vibe without straying away from being a protective pair of eyewear. Your kid will enjoy wearing these shades under the warm spring-summer sun.


If you love coloured lenses on shades, the new Carve Goblin Polarised Sunglasses (Matt Black Green Polarised Iridium) are the ones to have this season. Yep, coloured lenses are still in and these sunglasses are perfect for any warm outdoor activity and casual outings.

It's hard to pick just one pair of sunglasses if you see such array of options for kids and adults. The Carve Sunglasses Spring 2019 collection lets you get a pair or two to complement your sport, outdoors and casual attire. Order yours right here at Yakwax and enjoy our rad FREE UK delivery and exceptional customer service!