The Butter Goods Tops Winter 2020-2021 Drop Now Available at Yakwax!

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The Butter Goods Tops Winter 2020-2021 Drop is Now Available at Yakwax!


Finding the best skate tops for the winter months is crucial for every skating session. You will need to layer your clothing to protect you from the freezing temps, but they should be comfortable enough so you can enjoy skating without hassles.

Often times, you will find complementary tops like t-shirts and hoodies, or t-shirts and jackets, or thicker sweatshirts that can be worn on their own. The combination you can come up with should enable you to ride without discomfort, thus allowing for more time outdoors while shredding and performing some cool skating tricks.

Many of today's skate brands know exactly what riders need in terms of seasonal tops and overall getup. One such brand is Butter Goods who's known for their graphically interesting and clean designs. The extensive use of their logo is a well-rooted brand tradition, so the name sticks with their target audience since.

This is why we are stoked to announce the arrival of the Butter Goods Tops Winter 2020-2021 drop at the Yakwax store! Choose from a variety of tees and hoodies to complement your cold weather shredding.

Browse below for our top five from this Butter Goods drop


Black tees will always be a go-to top for most skaters, so this rad Butter Goods Telecom T-Shirt (Black) is your best bet for this season's shredding sessions. If it becomes cold in the afternoon, it's best to wear it underneath an equally cool outerwear or hoodie.


If you need something different other than the usual logo tee, the new Butter Goods Cosmic Music T-Shirt (Black) surely fits the bill. This black t-shirt with rad screen-printed design will complement your 'chill' demeanor while shredding under the cool weather.


Grey tees have broken the barrier at the top, being amongst the chosen colour for many years due to the neutral and easy-to-match characteristics of the grey colour palette. Butter Goods Telecom T-Shirt (Ash Grey) is your best option if you love this colour, logo/branded design and minimalist appeal.


For those chilly days and afternoons, the new Butter Goods Telecom Pullover Hood (Black) is the perfect outerwear. Quite comfortable and easy to wear with almost any of your jeans or pants, this hoodie is ideal for morning 'til night shredding.


For those who love light colours or neutral palettes on their all-around outerwear, the new Butter Goods Global Logo Pullover Hood (Heather Grey) will meet your winter skating needs. Quite comfortable and easy to wear, this hoodie will keep you warm while you're out riding.

Completing your winter shredding getup is as easy as picking the best from the Butter Goods Tops Winter 2020-2021 drop. All with FREE UK delivery when you order today at Yakwax!