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Skate and street style tops are quite synonymous, and these days both skaters and non-skaters appreciate the trendy, cool and comfort they provide especially during the summer months. Among the favourite types are logo and colourful graphics t-shirts and hoodies that can be worn any season.

Lighter t-shirts and outerwear are essential during the summertime since early mornings and night times can be a bit nippy at some point. If you skate or spend a few hours outdoors, you will need light, airy and comfortable tops to keep on shredding.

Look no further because the Yakwax store has just received the latest drop of cool men's tops from one of the most popular skate and street brands in the world, Butter Goods

Browse below for our top picks from this drop:



The Butter Goods Inhibition T-Shirt (Ash Grey) brings back the classic DIY feels with its screen-printed graphics on 100% cotton. This could be your go-to t-shirt this summer - whether for shredding or simply hanging out.


butter-goods-disk-worldwide-logo-pullover-hood-blackThe Butter Goods Disk Worldwide Logo Pullover Hood (Black) is a great addition to your summertime outerwear especially during those nippy evenings. 



When you need a top to complement the warm season, the brightly coloured Butter Goods Music Is Power T-Shirt (Yellow) is the perfect option. Stand out wherever you go with this rad, stylish tee. 



The Butter Goods Disk Logo T-shirt (White) is ideal for all-day wear and shred. When you need to wear something comfortable and airy, this white logo tee is a perfect pair for your go-to pants or jeans.


Updating your summertime tops with any of the Butter Goods Summer 2019 offerings is a good way to ensure you'll enjoy the season whilst outdoors. Order yours today here at Yakwax with FREE UK delivery!

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