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Making your spring shredding more pleasant will mean more than just having the ideal board and skate shoes. You will need proper skate wear to make sure you are comfortable and cool while shredding under a warm spring day.

If you've been skating for a while now, you may have already encountered dozens of skate clothing brands available today. One of the most popular is Butter Goods skate apparel. The company is known for their wide range of men's tops that come with colourful, interesting graphics.

This is why we are stoked to announce the arrival of the Butter Goods Men's Tops Spring 2021 drop here at the Yakwax store! You will find colourful designs on tees, hoodies and other tops that will surely add effortless style on your shredding days.

Browse below for our top picks:


The Butter Goods Bug Classic Logo T-Shirt (White) is not your ordinary white tee. Wear it with your favourite shredding jeans/trousers and shoes for an afternoon of fun shredding, so you can stay cool and comfortable for hours.


For those nippy mornings/evenings, the Butter Goods Angel Badge Pullover Hood (Lavender) is the perfect outerwear. This hoodie will keep you shredding comfortably when it's cold outside.


The Butter Goods Equipment Pigment T-Shirt (Mint) is a must-have for all-day wear. This comfy tee is lightweight and breathable, which is perfect for those warm shredding days.

When you have proper skate wear, you know you are ready to head outside for springtime shredding. The Butter Goods Men's Tops Spring 2021 drop has a colourful selection you should check out. FREE UK delivery atYakwax when you order today!

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