The Brixton Spring 2020 Collection Has Arrived at Yakwax!

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The Brixton Spring 2020 Collection Has Arrived at Yakwax!


There's no stopping spring season - it is here, just around the corner! For active individuals (and the shopaholics as well), spring is the season for shopping new clothes and accessories. For the sporty types and with active lifestyles, this is the season to look for complete getup and/or pieces of clothing that you can wear throughout the year. It is almost always that way for many people since clothes can be layered, paired with outerwear and footwear to keep warm in the cold.

It is also a great idea to shop for classic, timeless clothes and accessories that won't be out of place no matter the season and situation. Active folks of the skating, surfing and extreme sports communities have some of the most fashionable people around because they know what looks good and feels comfortable for their lifestyle. It's not about wearing something fancy altogether, but wearing a getup that most people in the same sport and lifestyle can replicate.

One such brand that truly resonates when it comes to timeless pieces, classic appeal and local culture is Brixton. With over a decade of experience in the industry, the brand's appeal is not just fixated among the youth or the skate and surf communities, but among people from all sorts of backgrounds. Brixton is also known for their hats, so every time they put out a collection, there's always a few stylish hats that can work well with any of their tees, shirts and outerwear.

We are so stoked that the Brixton Spring 2020 collection has landed at Yakwax! Choose from the superb selection of tank tops, hats, hoodies, tees and shirts that are perfect to wear any season!

Some of our faves from this Brixton delivery



Shred the streets in comfort with the brightly coloured Brixton Bandit T-Shirt (Yellow). This basic t-shirt is lightweight, super soft and airy - just perfect for any outdoor activity on a warm spring day.

Whoever said bucket hats are boring has not seen the new Brixton Stith Bucket Hat (Black/White). This one is quite stylish, comfortable and has sweatband to wick away moisture. Enjoy wearing it throughout the day with your favourite outdoor getup this season!



If you need a bit of casual top, the new Brixton Charter Print Woven Shirt (Washed Black) is the ideal option. This light and airy shirt is perfect for trousers and jeans, and for all sorts of outdoor fun or laid-back situations.



When it's too warm and you need to shred or hang-out with your mates, the new Brixton Oath V Tank Vest (River Blue) is a great addition to your spring-summer getup. Wear it with your favourite shorts, jeans or boardshorts.



This cool and stylish Brixton Hooligan LW Snap Flat Cap (Washed Copper/Hide) is a great addition to your casual and skate getup. If you love caps and other types of hat, this is a must-have if you need a touch of timeless appeal.

It's not hard to add a bit of edge to your spring getup especially when there's clothes and accessories that are highly available from top brands like Brixton. The Brixton Spring 2020 collection alone can help you come up with a few sets of getup that you can mix and match this season. So, order yours today here at Yakwax and get our FREE UK delivery as well!