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Stylish Brixton and Helas Skate Clothing and Accessories Summer-Fall 2023 Drop


We're at the last two months of the year and the weather is definitely changing. It's becoming colder and colder, but there's always a reason to go out and enjoy the cool sunny days whenever possible. One thing to remember is to keep yourself comfortable and warm with proper clothing no matter your choice of outdoor activity.

For skaters and other boardsport practitioners, wearing the right type of clothes is a must for every season and climate. For the colder months, it's best to wear an outer layer like a jacket, hoodie, fleece shirt or sweatshirt to keep warm while shredding the streets. Any t-shirt will always be a staple, may it be a long- or short-sleeved variant.

Matching your favourite skate tops with jeans, joggers or shorts are often the go-to for any season. If it's still a bit warm in the day, a pair of shorts will keep you shredding for hours without compromising comfort. Sweatpants and jogger pants are good for chillier days, and they are quite comfy and easy to move around with. Also, don't forget to wear a cap/hat or beanie if you're planning to stay outside for hours. Keeping warm is your main goal and it's better to do it from head to toe.

The selection out there is vast and it could overwhelm especially if you have no particular brand in mind. Each skate and surf brand of clothing and accessories is already diverse on their own; but having a roster of your favourite brands to shop from will make it easier. Among our faves are Helas and Brixton skate clothing and accessories. These brands provide a wide array of apparel and various fashion items that appeal to all sorts of riders and non-riders alike. 

This is why we are stoked to announce the arrival of the Brixton and Helas Skate Clothing and Accessories Summer-Fall 2023 Drop here at the Yakwax store. You will definitely find the rad skating getup from this collection that's perfect for your year-end shredding sessions. All with FREE UK delivery when you order today! 

Here's an equally rad video featuring some of Brixton's latest offerings...

This video is about the Brixton Builder's collection of clothing and accessories designed for work and life