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Fall season brings in the cooler climes and the need for more comfortable clothing that protects and keeps you warm while shredding. Hoodies, long-sleeved tees and shirts, light sweaters/sweatshirts and beanies are absolute must-haves for skaters and outdoorsy individuals.

While many skaters love the bold, colourful and statement pieces for their fall getup, some prefer the classic styles and lighter, tamer colour schemes. Light and neutral colours with minimal and cleaner prints are definitely among the options for most adult skaters of today simply because they are easier to mix and match.

One of the top brands we often think about with such clean and classic style is Brixton. This is one of the industry's seasoned brands that produce clothing and accessories that never go out of style no matter the season. From clothing to headwear, Brixton is one of the go-to brands of many skaters.

This is why we are super stoked to announce the arrival of the Brixton Fall 2019 collection here at the Yakwax store! All of your favourite pieces are covered and with all new colour schemes and designs to kick-off your fall shredding.

Browse below for our top five from this Brixton delivery

When you need something light but warm and comfy, the new Brixton B-Shield Crew Sweatshirt (Mauve) is ideal for those nippy morning shred. You can easily match this with your favourite jeans and sneakers.

Just to up the ante of your fall skating style, better grab this stylish Brixton Hooligan II Real Leather Snap Cap (Washed Navy). This cap is ideal for all sorts of outdoor activity or even just hanging out.

You can never go wrong with flannel especially if it's this classy Brixton Bowery L/S Flannel Shirt (Twilight Blue). Shred in style while staying warm and comfortable under the fall weather.

This uniquely coloured Brixton Heist Beanie (Sage, One Size) is what you need to keep yourself warm from head to toe. Wear it with any of your favourite fall season getup to complete your look.

Of course, a t-shirt will always be the most versatile all-season top, so better grab this cool Brixton Wheeler II T-Shirt (Emerald) to complete your fall daytime getup.

The Brixton Fall 2019 collection offers a unique and interesting variety of clothing and accessories for skaters and street style fans this season. You won't find their colour schemes and tasteful logos/prints anywhere else. So, shop yours today at Yakwax with FREE UK delivery!

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