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Latest Drop of Branded Skate Clothing, Shoes and Accessories Now at Yakwax!


Skating in style during the colder months and year-end season is still possible without deviating from the usual comfortable, warm and functional getup that most riders prefer. The typical t-shirt, jeans and skate shoes ensemble can be mixed and matched with various items in your wardrobe to make them more appropriate for the chilly weather.

While many riders often go for what's available in their possession, it's also ideal to update your skate getup during the end of the season or on a year-end basis. Many brands put out various skate tops, bottom wear, footwear and accessories during the fall-winter months to ensure there's plenty of options for riders to wear up to springtime shredding for the following year. The year-end sale and promos also give way to riders and skate fans to grab more rad clothing and shoes for the following season's riding sessions.

Whether you're stocking up on skate getup for next year or simply needing additional pieces for the year-end rides, we have a great selection of items from the latest drop of Branded Skate Clothing, Shoes and Accessories here at the Yakwax store! You'll find a wide array of men's skate tops, bottoms, skate shoes and accessories from top brands we carry such as DC, eS, Globe, Loser Machine, Helas, New Balance Numeric, and The Dudes Factory. Make sure you check out this collection while stocks last - all with FREE UK delivery for orders £50 up.

Check out these rad videos featuring some of the brands and the items from this latest collection...  

DC Shoes featuring Will Marshall shredding the streets in Australia, Paris, Montreal and New York


Johnny Hernandez shredding the streets in his éS Accel Slim Shoes


Shredding with the New Balance Numeric 480 shoes in Chicago with pro skaters