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The tried and tested skate style will always include a type of headwear like hats/caps or beanies. This is the best time to look for new beanies especially those that are made for the winter months. Even in the warmer months, beanies are great to add to your getup when you're out and about from sun up to sun down. 

Knitted beanies are often sought out especially for winter shredding since they provide more warmth and coverage from head to ears. The designs and colour schemes are also quite amazing, which is not surprising since they often come from well-known brands in the skate industry.

This is why we are stoked to announce the arrival of the Beanies Holiday 2020 Collection right here at Yakwax! Choose from a variety of brands, colours and designs to suit your skate style.

Browse below for our top picks: 


For a simplistic approach to winter shredding style, the new Butter Goods Provence Beanie (Ash Grey, One Size) is the perfect option. Wear it from morning 'til night while your out shredding, so you can stay warm and comfortable.



When you need an interesting piece to perk up your skating style, the Rip N Dip Lord Nermal Reflective Beanie (Black, One Size) will fill in that need. Wear it anytime you're out and with any of your favourite shredding getup.



Another minimalistic headwear to match your skating outfit is the new Butter Goods Provence Beanie (Black, One Size). If you prefer small details and simple design on a beanie, this one's for you.


 Adding a simple beanie to your skate wear is easy to achieve an effortless style. This is one of the favourite accessories you'll find among skaters of all ages. Make sure to check the Beanies Holiday 2020 Collection here at Yakwax. Order today to enjoy FREE UK delivery!


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