Autumn and Winter Wetsuits 2019-2020 Now Available at Yakwax!

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Autumn and Winter Wetsuits 2019-2020 Now Available at Yakwax!


The cold months of autumn to winter are no match to the avid surfer - that is, if the individual is properly kitted with surf wear and footwear to protect the entire body.

If you are the typical adventurous surfer, you probably have been to some of the coldest waters to test your skills and endurance. Wearing full wetsuit, gloves and boots are ideal to ensure your body's properly insulated for you to move about and conquer the waves.

When it comes to picking the right surfing wetsuit, footwear and other accessories, the seasons often play a great role in choosing the best options out there. Often, you will find a variety of thickness and materials that suit the warm and cold months, so having such types of wetsuits for different seasons is essential to ensure you'll have enjoyable surfing sessions all year-round.

Choosing the best brands of wetsuits for men, women and children is no longer a huge challenge since there are plenty of reputable surf wear brands today with the likes of Vissla, Xcel, Alder, Hurley, Saltskin and many others.

This is why we are stoked to announce the arrival of the Autumn and Winter Wetsuits 2019-2020 collection from some of the top surf brands we carry. From full wetsuits to wetsuit boots and gloves, to wetsuit hoods/caps and insulated rash vests, we know you will find something for your fall-winter surfing sessions from this drop!

Browse our top five favourites from this collection of winter wetsuit

If your kid is a super active surfer, the new Xcel Kids 5/4mm Axis Back Zip 2019/20 Wetsuit (Faint Blue) is among the best options today. Made with eco-friendly and lightweight materials that ensure better performance and comfort, this wetsuit is absolutely made for the cold waters and hours of riding the waves.

The Xcel 5mm Infinit 3 Finger Wetsuit Gloves (Black) are not just designed for keeping your fingers warm while surfing, but also for doing other tasks in and out of the water. Grab a pair to keep your hands comfortable and warm especially when shredding during the winter months.

Every avid surfer should have at least one properly designed wetsuit that keeps the water out, provides comfort and warmth without the extra weight, and made with superb materials. The new Vissla High Seas 4/3mm No Zip Wetsuit (Charcoal) is among the very few options out there, so make sure to get yours here at the Yakwax store!

When you need an extra layer of insulation for extremely cold waters, the Xcel HPE Insulatex Hooded Thermal Rash Vest (Grey) is the perfect choice. Made with lightweight, quality materials to ensure warmth and comfort, good fit and waterproofing capability.

The new Xcel 5mm Drylock Split Toe Wetsuit Boots 2019/20 (Black/Grey) are better in terms of features that ensure comfortable high-performance shredding.

Don't let the cold months stop you from ripping the waves to your heart's content. When you are properly kitted for the autumn-winter months, shredding the waves becomes more fulfilling and enjoyable.

So, get the latest surf wear, boots, gloves and other accessories from our Autumn-Winter Wetsuits for 2019-2020 while stocks last. All with FREE UK delivery when you order at Yakwax!