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Cool Apparel and Accessories from Top Surf and Snow Brands Now Available at Yakwax!


Finding the best clothing and accessories for your favourite outdoor activity can be a bit of a challenge for some. But today's surf and snow brands provide a wide array of products that can be worn for sports/outdoors, as well as casual situations. No matter the season, there are plenty of items you can choose from and mix-match to cater to your personal needs.

If you need the best of both sports/outdoors and casual days' getup and accessories, we can think of so many brands we carry here at the Yakwax store. But among them that stands out especially this time are Dakine, Channel Islands and Ocean & Earth. These brands are world-renowned for specialising on surf and snow products that professionals and amateurs rave about. From their active clothing to accessories you can wear or use while travelling, to necessities needed in order to help you perform on snow or water, these brands always have a great selection for everyone.

This is why we are stoked to announce the arrival of these super cool Apparel and Accessories from Top Surf and Snow Brands! You will surely enjoy browsing these items here at our online shop, so go ahead and browse away and we hope you'll find the items you're needing right now.

Check our top favourites below from the superb Apparel and Accessories from Top Surf and Snow Brands delivery


The Channel Islands Dane Reynolds Standard 6ft Leash (Turquoise) is designed for performance, comfort and durability. This leash is ideal for riders who can handle one head-high waves.


If you need head and eye protection on a sunny day, the Channel Islands CI Mid Strapback Cap (Khaki) is an ideal addition to your warm weather getup. The neutral colour and minimalistic style of this strapback cap will fit any of your favourite outdoor/sporty attire.


The Dakine Weston Eco Fleece Crew Neck Sweater (Heather black) will keep you warm and comfortable during the chilly days and nights. If you need a layer of comfort during those days, this sweater is the perfect option.


The Dakine Front Foot Surfboard Traction Pad (Olive Camo) is not just a great traction pad, but an eco-friendly one as well. You'll enjoy more rides in barrels and stomping airs with this front-foot traction pad, which also provides excellent board feel under your feet.


The Ocean & Earth Ladies Sunkissed Hooded Poncho Changing Robe Towel (Multi Stripe) is a soft and quick-drying poncho towel that's ideal for all of your watersports adventures. Make sure to keep one in your travel bag or backpack!


The Ocean & Earth SUP and Longboard 10ft Tie Down Straps (Black) is an ideal addition for vehicles with roof racks. For your next surfing adventure, make sure you have this pair of tie-down straps to secure your boards while travelling.

Watersports adventures should be fun and enjoyable every time. So cut down your worries and possible hassles by checking out this drop of Apparel and Accessories from Top Surf and Snow Brands. All available at Yakwax with FREE UK delivery!