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DVS is an American footwear and apparel brand specialising in skateboarding, snowboarding and moto. The company's roots are deeply embedded in skateboarding where they have a platform for developing technical products for the pro riders. DVS shoes, particularly, were often used by skaters in the streets, vert ramps and rails. The best part of wearing them is after a long day of shredding at the parks and on the streets - giving riders dual-purpose trainers for both skating and casual situations. Get your DVS skating shoes and matching apparel right here at Yakwax together with our rad FREE UK delivery service.

DVS Shoes UK Store

DVS Shoe Company to give its full title offer some of the very best skate shoes available on the market today. Not only do they make skate shoes for some of the best skaters in the world they also produce some awesome clothing!

Now that DVS is a firmly established front runner in the skateboard world they have spent the last few years branching out in a big way in the surf, snowboard and FMX industries and boast a list of some of the most talented riders in the world in each respective sports. They offer some great surf clothing products along with sandals.

The footwear shoe range is one that is not to be missed out on with a great selection of skate shoes, trainers and general street shoes to choose from. The footwear side of the business is their bread and butter and something that they do as good as anyone out there with top build quality to give their riders amazing performance such as board feel as well as hard wearing materials and great protection of the foot.

DVS Clothing

Their clothing line has really stepped their game up in the last few years to become one of the top brands out there for skate, surf and street style. After DVS major success in the footwear world with creations of DVS skate shoes and DVS trainers they have capitalised on a extremely popular solid brand awareness and ventured into the clothing world making awesome t-shirts, hoodies, jackets and denim as well as some very cool accessories such as socks and underwear.

Here at Yakwax we have noticed the quality in materials and designs with all DVS clothing is absolutely top notch and certainly not to be missed.

DVS is one of today's most innovative footwear brands that focus mainly on extreme sports. With a deeply embedded history in the skateboarding industry, many pros and upcoming riders prefer their range of footwear for style and functionality.

Like many famous skate brands, DVS aims to inspire aspiring skaters to enjoy the sport and to always push forward. They primarily focus on quality, innovation and originality through the creation of a diverse range of lifestyle and performance products.

The company was established in Los Angeles, California in 1995 by founders Tim Gavin and the Dunlap brothers (Brian, Kevin and Mike) and they based the three-letter brand from the word 'devious'. The trainers they have produced over the years have touched the verts, rails and half pipes of numerous cities and countries that the brand serves.

Currently, DVS provides footwear and apparel to the top three extreme sports - skateboarding, snowboarding and moto. Each division has its own team riders that help spread the popularity of the brand in numerous parts of the globe. The DVS brand ambassadors include (skate) Chico Brenes, Kerry Getz, Corey Huber, Brad McClain, Cody McEntire, (snow) Eero Ettala, Kevin Jones, Peter Line, Buzz Holbrook, (moto) Kevin Windham, Brian Deegan and Kurt Caselli.

For those who love watching extreme sports videos of their idols, you should check out Skate More (2005), European Vacation (2006), East Infection Tour (2007), Boyz N The Hood (2007), City of Dogs (2007), Catching With Keith (2007), Summer Bailout Package (2008), Dudes Dudes Dudes (2008), Videography Collection (2010), Total Eclipse of The Heartland (2011, with Matix), New Year's Dae (2011, with Almost), DVS Does Detroit (2013), Ill in Brazil (2013), and DVS Does Dallas (2013).

A Resilient Brand in a Very Competitive Industry

Many sports related brands which started in the mid 80's to the late 90's have experienced the ups and downs of the industry. Even though many brands thrived in their first few years, others have resorted to liquidation and closure due to problematic economy and with big brands involved in action sports. DVS was one of the many brands that have been built based on passion for the sport, but had to be sold in order for the next owners to start fresh with focus on pushing the brand forward.

It was in 2012 when the company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, citing the widespread downturn in retail sales and the increased production costs in China. Before long the brand was acquired by Sequential Brands Group which promptly resumed normal operations and the signing of new sponsorships with pros in skateboarding and moto.

From 2013 and onwards, DVS upgraded their website to include an online store and other helpful features. The skate team toured within the US, Canada, and South America, while some of the pro riders released their shoe models.

Around 2014, the brand closed a deal with a new licensee that would include accessories, bags and backpacks into the brand. This was also the year when the company owners expanded the business into the action sports-based lifestyle.

DVS footwear and apparel is among the resonating brands in the action sports industry. Choose from their collection of pro shoes, tees, jackets, headwear, and accessories to match your demanding lifestyle.

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