Superb Winter Wetsuits 2021/2022 Drop has Arrived at Yakwax!

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Superb Winter Wetsuits 2021/2022 Drop has Arrived at Yakwax!


Winter surfing may sound daunting especially for beginners, but for those who are up for a challenge this is the time to test the waters, literally. However it takes more than just guts and skill to overcome the chilly waters in some of the world's popular winter surfing locations. It takes a lot of preparation - physically and mentally, and, most especially, externally (meaning, your attire) before you dip your foot in the water.

Wetsuits especially designed to protect riders from cold water and wind made it possible for these guys to go out and tackle the waves without worrying much about the low temperatures. These suits are made with innovative materials that offer warmth, ample stretch for movability, and light weight.

It's much better to go for winter-specific wetsuits, instead of wearing anything inappropriate that can hamper your performance on the water. Men's winter wetsuits are usually available in black, grey or any variation of these hues, so finding matching accessories are easy. But with renowned wetsuit brands like Hurley and Xcel, you will also find other colours available in the market. Same goes for women's winter wetsuits especially today, as there are stylishly designed suits that come in different colour tones.

For extreme conditions, it's ideal to wear wetsuits gloves for added comfort and warmth, so you can easily grab your board whenever you need to. Also, don't forget about wetsuit boots that are especially designed for winter surfing. These accessories are a must to protect your hands and feet from the cold waters, so you can ride the waves without worrying and feeling any discomfort.

This is why we are stoked to announce the arrival of the Winter Wetsuits 2021/2022 Drop here at Yakwax! We hope you'll find the right wetsuit, gloves and/or boots to suit your riding needs.

Browse below for our top favourites from the Winter Wetsuits 2021/2022 delivery


The Xcel 5/4mm Infiniti Limited Edition Wetsuit 2021/22 (Black) has all the best features of the classic Infiniti wetsuit, plus more! This is a super lightweight wetsuit engineered with innovative design and materials to enhance flexibility, comfort and performance of the rider.


The Hurley Women's 4/3 Advantage Chest Zip Full Wetsuit (Winetesting) is among the brand's eco-friendly wetsuits that utilise sustainable processes and materials. This wetsuit is designed to provide more freedom, flexibility and movement while you're surfing the cold waters.


When you need surfing footwear that provides warmth, flexibility and all-around performance, the Xcel 5mm Infiniti Split Toe Wetsuit Boots 2021/22 (Black) are the ideal choice for your winter shredding. These wetsuit boots are also lightweight and stretchy, so you have little to zero hassles while wearing them.


The Hurley Advantage Plus 3mm Wetsuit Gloves (Black) provide excellent grip and flexibility. These are a must-have especially for avid surfers who shred for hours.


When you need a super thick wetsuit for the coldest waters, the Hurley 5/3 Advantage Plus Chest Zip Full Wetsuit (Copen Blue) is the perfect choice to battle the cold without diminishing your performance. This is Hurley's thickest wetsuit which features heat-trapping yarns to keep you warm and dry between rides.


The Xcel 5mm Infiniti 3-Finger Wetsuit Gloves 2022 (Black) will keep your hands warm and comfortable, while riding the chilly waters. These gloves dry quickly and are lightweight; they also have grippy palms and tapered wrists to help you handle your board easily.

While the cold waters are quite challenging to ride, you can overcome this hurdle by wearing proper winter wetsuit, gloves and boots to keep your body warm and protected. Make sure to check the Winter Wetsuits 2021/2022 Drop to find the ideal suit for you this season. All with FREE UK delivery when you order at Yakwax!