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If you still can't get enough of the summer months surfing and swimming, there's still plenty of time to enjoy the season as long as you're well-equipped and properly suited for the water.

When the weather is fairly warm and the waters are quite inviting, it's essential to suit up with either rash vest tops or wetsuit shorties to protect yourself. Full wetsuits are ideal when the waters are cold and the waves are harsh. Either way, you have the option to wear whichever is suitable for the weather and water conditions, so you could still enjoy surfing and swimming without compromising comfort, safety and flexibility.

Today's brands understand the needs of surfers and swimmers who require proper attire for such situations. Indeed, it's quite easy to find wetsuits for all ages, whether for kids, men and women. Same goes for men and women's rash vests and shorties that come in various colours and designs to suit individual styles.

We are stoked to announce that the latest drop of Wetsuits and Rash Vests Summer 2020 from different brands are now available at Yakwax! There's a wetsuit, rash vest and shorty for this season's surfing, so better grab yours before stocks run out.

Below is our top five favourites from this latest drop of wetsuits 


This eye-catching Xcel Womens Axis 2mm Shortie Wetsuit (Graphite Pistachio) is ideal for long hours of summer surfing. Made with high-grade Neoprene and with 100% performance stretch, you can keep doing your favourite manoeuvres without worries.



When you need a more comfortable, lightweight and airy top for surfing or swimming, the brightly coloured Body Glove Women's In Motion S/S Rash Vest (Citrus) is ideal for those situations. Some women would wear this over a bikini top for extra protection against the sun, so you have a choice whether to wear it as is or with a swim top.



For super active groms, the new Xcel Kids' Comp 3/2mm 2020 Chest Zip Youth Wetsuit (Chilli Pepper) is a great wetsuit for long hours of shredding. Ride the waves and perform your best with this superb wetsuit.



When you need a light top with better covering while surfing or swimming, the cool Body Glove Women's Sleek Long-Sleeved Rash Vest (Sea Mist) is the perfect option. Wear it with a bikini bottom or surf/swim shorts for a super light attire that will allow you to move without hassles.



The Body Glove Men's Sidewinder Rash Vest (Black) will let you move and manoeuvre on water. This light rash vest is perfect for any water activity this season. Others wear it as a top while playing beach volley and other off-water/seaside sports since it's lightweight, breathable and wicks moisture.

There's so many fun activities awaiting you this summer. All you need is an ideal surf wear to match your favourite sport in and out of the water! The Wetsuits and Rash Vests Summer 2020 drop has a great selection to keep you busy this season. Order today at Yakwax with FREE UK delivery.

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