The Volcom Tees and Accessories Summer 2020 Drop has Landed at Yakwax!

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The Volcom Tees and Accessories Summer 2020 Drop has Landed at Yakwax!


Staying stylish without much effort is easier among skaters and other board-sports practitioners. Often times, the style is quite straightforward and no-fuss starting with a t-shirt, jeans and comfy sneakers. A bit of accessories like belts and wallets are basic essentials that never go out of style and stay true to their purpose.

The summer months require lighter getup, so style should be effortless and focused on comfort. When you're looking for new skate tops and functional accessories, it's best to stick with the basics since there are more options and they are easier to find.

Among today's brands that provide stylish clothing and accessories is Volcom. The brand is known for their distinct style that's focused on board sports, youth culture and innovation; yet they resonate among various individuals who love cool, easy to wear clothes and accessories.

We are stoked to announce the arrival of the Volcom Tees and Accessories Summer 2020 Drop here at the Yakwax store!


The new Volcom Stone MB Leather Belt (Black) is no ordinary leather belt. If you need one for your usual skate or street getup, this belt adds instant impact to your usual style.


When you need a simple tee for summer shredding sessions, the Volcom Boys Stone Blanks T-Shirt (Heather Grey) will keep you comfortable throughout the day.


When you're the type of guy who rather stick with the basics in terms of fashion accessories, the Volcom Straight Leather Belt (Brown) is your best option. This belt will work on any type of bottomwear - may it be jeans, trousers or shorts.


Superb skate tops are not always easy to find, especially those made with quality materials. The Volcom Radiation T-Shirt (Navy) is one of them, so make sure you include it on your summer shredding getup.


The Volcom 3-in-1 Wallet (Black Combo) is a brilliant accessory to have especially when you need to take all or a fraction of your cash and credit card/s. You have the choice to take the two bifolds or just one if you want a lighter back pocket.

Shredding in style or simply needing a bit of style without the fuss can be a challenge in some cases. But summer time getup should always be light, easy to wear, and stylishly cool. The Volcom Tees and Accessories Summer 2020 Drop provides a great selection to add to your getup this season. All with FREE UK delivery here at Yakwax!